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McCathran Hall, Saturday January 25 @ 11:00 am

Purpose: Discussion of Connection to the County and Gaithersburg Bikeway Systems

A direct and safe walking and bicycle pathway to the Metro and the Grove Shopping area has been a goal in the Town’s Master Plan for decades. It is also a priority connection in Montgomery County’s Bikeways Master Plan.

Accomplishing this is now within reach, as funding has been allocated for planning and constructing a connection by Montgomery County to the Department of Transportation (MCDOT). MCDOT has initiated a dual planning study of routes to connect the County bikeways path on Crabbs Branch Way to Washington Grove, and to connect Crabbs Branch Way to Amity Drive. To solicit input from the affected communities, they have scheduled a public Study Workshop to be held in McCathran Hall on February 13 at 7:00 p.m.

As well, the City of Gaithersburg is engaged in studying options for an improved bikeway connection between Old Town and the Metro.

It is critical that the Town Council and Mayor provide guidance to the MCDOT at the Study Workshop. To develop such guidance, the Mayor and Town Council are seeking input from Town residents. This Special Town Meeting will provide a forum for discussing the merits and impacts of potential connections to the Town.

To focus the discussion, a review of some connection options will be prepared by the Mayor and made available sometime before the Special Town Meeting on January 25th.

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