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Next meeting: Monday, March 11, 2019; 7:30 p.m. in the Council Room. The public is invited to attend. Actions at the February meeting include:

  • Approval of the Mayor’s appointments to the Board of Elections Supervisors; Margo Cavenagh, Joe Clark, and Nick Suzich.
  • Awarding of fence contract for the Dog Park fencing to Tri County Fence & Decks.
  • Approval of Request for Proposal for bulk leaf collection.
  • Installation of a trial speed hump at Grove Road and Oak approved.
  • Introduction of Ord. 2019-01; Adopting Amendments for the Washington Grove Zoning Ordinance to Delete Definitions for Repair and Ordinary Repairs and Add a Definition of Ordinary Maintenance and Repairs.
  • Introduction of Ord. 2019-02; Adopting Amendments to the Washington Grove Code of Ordinances Article IV Building Permit Regulations to Modify Requirements for Building Permits.
  • Withdrawal of Ord. 2018-11; Authorizing Sale of Land under 315 Grove Avenue.
  • Introduction of Ord. 2019-03; Authorizing Sale of Land under 315 Grove Avenue (replacing previous Ord. 2018-11).

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