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Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 26, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. in the Town Council Room.
We will be continuing our exploration of our lighting needs. From our research, here is the list of attributes and considerations recommended for study for lighting Town streets and walkways:

Aesthetics – lighting that maintains the historic integrity of the Town.
Light footprint – the committee preferred pools of light vs continuous swathes of light.
Color Temperature -3000k or lower likely 2700k. We are also investigating lumens and foot candle recommendations.
Wattage – wattage to be around 18 or 24 watts.
Site specific lighting – we would like to explore different lighting for the streets vs the walkways both in terms of height and fixtures.
Light Intrusion – TWG Lighting Committee recommends that the any new light fixture have a full horizontal cut off and therefore be dark sky compliant. Additionally, all new fixtures should have the provision to attach shields to prevent intrusion into homes.
Installation – Ideally we would like a light bulb that one could screw in. We would like lights that are easy to maintain in general.
Smart Lighting – we would like to explore modern features as “smart lighting” in terms of daylight sensors, 2am – 6am light reduction and possibly motion detectors for certain areas.
Solar Lighting – some members are interested in exploring solar lighting near Woodward Park or areas in TWG that have a lot of sun.
Light levels – We are starting an inventory of light levels to try to get a base line on what lighting we have now and then gauge what light levels we will want in the future.
Flashlights – Members of the committee and residents have mentioned that in our overall design do not discount the use of flashlights in some areas; flashlights are effective, efficient and relatively inexpensive.

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