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Historic Preservation Commission

Circle house with tree through porch roof

Original cottage with tree through porch roof

The Town of Washington Grove is a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places. In November 2001, Washington Grove established a Historic Preservation Commission (HPC).

The purpose of the HPC building permit review is to encourage the preservation, where applicable, of the exterior architectural features found in the Town and encourage compatibility with neighboring contributing structures. The HPC has five members – all Town residents.

The HPC encourages both early consultations and preliminary reviews

[Historic Preservation Commission Reviews]

HPC reviews are advisory in nature. Only the Planning Commission has the authority to approve or disapprove the submittal. If at all possible, the HPC encourages you to be present when we review your project.

A. Early Consultation can take the form of informal discussion of a tentative design. You may submit material anytime, which can consist of sketches, photos, written descriptions, dreams. No application is necessary, but you should contact the Town Clerk or the HPC to be added to the agenda for the next meeting. Such Early Consultations may help in the preparation of formal architectural drawings. Ideas or suggestions at this stage may enhance compatibility as well as save time and money in developing your architectural plans.

B. Preliminary Written Review. When requesting a Preliminary Written Review from the HPC please include floor plans, elevations, and descriptions of exterior building materials. Drawings should clearly show the existing structure and proposed changes. It is very helpful, especially if altering the existing structure, to include photographs and/or architectural models to convey proposed changes.

The information submitted should include the following:

  • The scale of the construction in relation to the existing and surrounding structures.
  • Type of exterior materials such as siding, and design elements including windows, doors, and decorative details.
  • Accurate depiction of roof design including pitch, ridgeline orientation, dormers, and eave treatments.

If an applicant elects to adopt the HPC’s recommendations from a Preliminary Written Review then the HPC should be able to expedite its review of the building permit application. When the applicant later files an application for a building permit with the Town, the material submitted with the application will be compared with the earlier Preliminary Review. If it shows sufficient attention to the HPC recommendations, it will be forwarded directly to the Planning Commission. If the final design is not in accord with the Preliminary Review, the application may be added to the agenda of the next HPC meeting for formal review.

Board of Zoning Appeals

Marc Hansen, Chair
[email protected]

Satoshi Amagai
[email protected]

Christine Dibble
[email protected]

Kathie Evans (Alternate Member)
[email protected]

Historic Preservation Commission

Robert Booher, Chair
[email protected]

Darrell Anderson, Council Liaison
301-963-8555 home
240-506-2341 cell
[email protected]

Wendy Harris
[email protected]

Gail Littlefield
[email protected]

David Stopak
[email protected]

Mimi Styles
[email protected]

Planning Commission

Peter Nagrod, Chair
[email protected]

Charlie Challstrom, Council Liaison
[email protected]

Georgette Cole
[email protected]

David Hix
[email protected]

Deb Mehlferber
[email protected]

Supervisors of Elections

Meredith Horan, Supervisor
[email protected]

Joe Clark
[email protected]

Nick Suzich
[email protected]

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Next meeting: Tuesday, December 18, 2018; 7:30 p.m. in the Council Room. All meetings are open to the public. The HPC welcomes and encourages residents to come for an early consultation when considering an addition or renovation/changes to the exterior of their home....

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Historic Preservation Commission Meeting Minutes September 2018

[Town Minutes Archive] 20 September 2018 | Approved: 24 October 2018 <!-- in attendance --> Present: Bob Booher, Mimi Styles, Wendy Harris, Gail Littlefield and David Stopak. Resident Jane Seegal also attended. The meeting had been moved from Tuesday to Thursday...

Historic Preservation Commission Meeting Minutes August 2018

[Town Minutes Archive] 21 August 2018 | Approved: 23 October 2018 <!-- in attendance --> Members Present: Bob Booher, Gail Littlefield and Mimi Styles were present, as well as resident Robyn Renas. The meeting began at 7:30 pm. Approval of Agenda: The agenda was...

Historic Preservation Commission Meeting Minutes May 2018

[Town Minutes Archive] 15 May 2018 | Approved: 23 October 2018 <!-- in attendance --> Members Present: Bob Booher, Wendy Harris, Gail Littlefield, David Stopak, and Mimi Styles were present. Judy and Ed Mroczka appeared at 8 pm to discuss some changes to their...

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