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Master Plan Coordinator Georgette Cole reported:
The Planning Commission continues to work through the 2009 Master Plan to identify areas which need revision. One session occurred in August, the next is scheduled for November 28. A third work session on January 16 will focus on Section 1 1.3 and Section 8 which deal with the Commercial Corner.

The Historic Preservation Commission proposed that material in the National Register update should be recognized in the 2019 Master Plan, and the current timeframes for the NR update and Master Plan revision can accommodate the inclusion. The HPC has provided a summary of the material they are working on and where it will fit in the Master Plan. The HPC has been urged to start submitting non-Historic Register updates in December.

To date, submissions have been received from the Bicycle Workgroup and the Emergency Preparedness Committee and are expected from the Forestry and Beautification Committee, the Woods Committee, and the Lake Committee in December.

John McClelland, Robert Johnson and Virginia Quesada are working on revisions related to storm water management.

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