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Electrical Permit: Town Hall Generator – Town approval of the electrical permit application was required before approval by the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services

Master Plan Update: The November 28 Planning Commission work session noted new Master Plan draft segments received entitled “Bicycling in Washington Grove” and “Emergency Preparedness with Risk Management and Hazard Mitigation.” The Commission’s strategy document was updated with assignments for each expected segment of the 2019 Master Plan. On December 5, the Commission noted receipt of items from the Lake Committee and the Forestry & Beautification Committee with proposed revisions to existing Master Plan segments.
A submission is expected soon from the Woods Committee. Options were discussed for making the Working Draft of the 2019 Master Plan available for public viewing as the update process continues. The next Commission work session will be held January 16, and the expected focus will be on Section 1 (Land Use and Zoning) and Section 2 (Municipal Growth and Boundary Enhancements).

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