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On Wednesday March 18 there will be a Planning Commission Master Plan work session at 7:30 pm in the Council Room. We will be reviewing/revising MP2020-021920-Working-Draft. On February 19 we accepted changes to Section 8 (Commercial Corner). Some significant changes are proposed which you can view in Section 8 in the PDF (MP2020-021920-Working-Draft pdf) now available on the Town web site.

On March 18 the Planning Commission will briefly review the material accepted for Section 8, then proceed to the Historic Preservation Commission submission for Section 9 (Development and Preservation Strategies). If time allows, we will continue with our review of older sections starting at Section 2.2. Residents are welcome to attend.

The most current copy of the 2020 Master Plan Working Draft is on the Town web site as a link on either the Planning Commission page or the Master Plan page. There are also minutes from each session which give details on areas were addressed and changed.

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