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Chairman of the Board of Elections Supervisors Nick Suzich reported the results of the Town election at the Annual Meeting on May 9, 2020. There were 176 ballots cast.

Mayor: One-Year Term
John G. Compton 147 votes
Joli McCathran 3 votes
Craig English 1 vote
Joe Clark 1 vote
Georgette Cole 1 vote
Sean Kelly 1 vote
Gray Yachup 1 vote

Council: Three-Year Terms – 2 Elected
David Cosson 116 votes
Gray Yachup 113 votes
Audrey Maskery 105 votes
William Saar 1 vote
Mary Warfield 1 vote

2020 Mayor and Council Areas of Responsibility and Contact Information:

Mayor, John G. Compton: 301-330-8264 (h), 240-432-5700 (c)
[email protected]

Darrell Anderson: 301-963-8555
[email protected]
Historic Preservation Commission, Lighting, Maintenance

Charlie Challstrom: 301-926-4498
[email protected]
McCathran Hall, Planning Commission, Other (Montgomery Municipal Cable, Census Liaison, FEMA Floodplain Coordinator)

Dave Cosson: 202-236-8833
[email protected]
Contracts, Woods, Stormwater Management

Marida Hines: 301-580-1026
[email protected]
Communications, Dog Park, Recreation, Website

Patty Klein: 301-926-2256 (Town Office)
[email protected]
Emergency Preparedness & Safety, Maple Lake

Gray Yachup: 240-731-3742
[email protected]
Forestry & Beautification (Incl. Memorials), Playgrounds, Roads & Walkways, Shady Grove Crossing, Washington Grove Conservation Park

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