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For property owners aged 65 and over who either… (1) have owned and lived in their home for the last 40 consecutive years, OR (2) are retired from one of the United States Armed Forces including military reserves, the National Guard, and the uniformed corps of the Public Health Service and the uniformed corps of NOAA. For information about this five-year tax credit, please call 311 (240-777-0311).

Washington Grove Subdivision Code: 1612
Every year the Town of Washington Grove receives a portion of the Maryland State income tax paid by Town residents. Because most residents do not have mail delivered to street addresses, this presents a challenge for the State Comptroller’s office when attributing the taxes collected to Washington Grove. Therefore it is critical for all Washington Grove residents (including renters) to designate subdivision “1612” and “Washington Grove” as their physical address on the MD tax form. For those filing electronically or using software, there should be a drop-down menu to select Washington Grove. Please share this information with your renters and your tax preparer if appropriate. This DOES NOT increase your taxes but DOES help ensure the Town receives its proper share of income tax revenue. Thanks for your help! Questions, call Treasurer Mary Challstrom at 301-926-4498.

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