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Next Meeting: Thursday, December 28, 2017; 7:30 p.m. in the Council Room. All are welcome to attend.

Following a serious fire on The Circle in 2014, action reports of Montgomery County Fire and Rescue revealed shortcomings of the Town’s signage system. To address this issue, the EPC has been working with the Historic Preservation Commission and the Town Council to improve visibility of the street signage.

However, house signage on individual houses is another serious issue. Among the recommendations of the Fire and Rescue was that residents should: “affix address numbers and street names to individual homes.” The house signage needs to be visible both during the day and night. For those houses with vehicle access on a street different from the house address, street and number signs front and back. Tonight, not next week, go outside, look at the front and (where appropriate) back of your house and your neighbors’ houses and ask yourself if you were an ambulance driver searching for these addresses can you find it? Is the sign clearly visible during the day, free of shades? Is it reflective at night? A few dollars spent making your house readily identifiable can save precious minutes in an emergency.

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