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On Sunday, March 24, at 7:00 PM, we invite you to a special free viewing opportunity when we present the award-winning documentary, Where Slavery Died Hard: The Forgotten History of Ulster County and the Shawangunk Mountain Region, co-authored by WG resident and HPC member, Wendy Harris. Although most Americans remain unaware of enslavement’s prevalence in the north, this documentary was created by members of one upstate New York community in an effort to reconsider the area’s slaveholding past, a history beginning in the mid-1600s and extending over 160 years, until ended by an act of the state legislature in the 1820s.

Based on primary documents and physical evidence surviving in the local landscape, the resulting narrative explores the lives of the enslaved as well as their enslavers. The video’s creators hope that its distribution will open dialogue on the historical impact of slavery in New York State and other parts of the country, and that it will serve as a vehicle for understanding and reconciliation. Wendy will be on hand to describe the making of the video and to answer questions. The video is approximately 50 minutes long and is not subtitled; it is free to all.

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