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Next Meeting: April 11, 2018; 7:30 p.m. in the Council Room. All meetings are open to the public.
Spring is just around the corner and Forestry and Beautification (F&B) is making plans for planting new trees. We’d love to hear your suggestions, just call or email Georgette Cole or Audrey Maskery (we’re in your Directory)! We’ll be talking about our plans at the next F&B meeting.

F&B is also having a work session from 10-12 on Saturday April 28 to celebrate Arbor Day. We’ll be putting in new plants in The Circle and if you’re interested just grab your gloves and a trowel and join us there!

What to do about old and new plants in Washington Grove?
Our Grove ecosystem involves a complex web of life between our plants and the insects, birds and other animals and organisms. Non-native invasive (NNI) plants take over and degrade natural ecosystems by competing for limited natural resources including soil, water, light, nutrients and space. They displace native plants, and replace wildlife food sources with exotic plants that are inedible, toxic, or otherwise harmful. They draw pollinators away from native plants, push rare species closer to extinction and cause an overall reduction in native biodiversity.

For all of these reasons the Washington Grove Forestry and Beautification Committee is aligned with National Park Service and Montgomery County policy in trying, wherever possible, to remove non-native invasive plants from our Town land. We aim to replace the non-native plants we remove with species native to our mid-Atlantic region. We hope to gradually improve our Grove ecosystem while fulfilling our core mission of Washington Grove Beautification.

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