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301-926-2256 washgrove@comcast.net

At the May 21, 2018 Council meeting, Councilors voted to support a
Communications Group charged with examining the full suite of options
available and making recommendations.

In a communications landscape abounding with technologies that make it easy
to reach people wherever and however they want, Washington Grove has many
options available to facilitate flow of key information to the residents.
But the devil is in the details! Would streaming Council meetings increase
awareness, or decrease citizen attendance? Would an official FaceBook page
build community, or pose privacy concerns? There will be pros and cons to
every option, but the Town Council is committed to empowering discussions to
find great solutions.

If you have communications, audiovisual, social media, and/or web expertise — or are just interested in this topic! — please call or email Councilor Marida Hines (301-580-1026 or maridahines@gmail.com) and ask to be included in outreach as the Communications Group takes shape.

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