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Dear Town Residents,

Spring and early summer growth of non-native invasive plant species is emerging in the Town’s East and West Woods, and our contractor, Invasive Plant Control (IPC), will be working several days during the week of June 22nd, beginning on Monday (weather dependent), to target certain concentrations of invasive plants listed below.

West Woods: IPC will treat a patch of Pachysandra growing in the vicinity of a trail along the Newport Estates and Kelly Park boundaries; a wisteria patch near Saybrooke; and any Wavyleaf Basket Grass found in the previous locations along trails.

East Woods: IPC will be cutting/painting and backpack target spraying wisteria shoots in the East Woods off the Dorsey and McCauley trails; and backpack target spraying Mile-a-minute in the blow down section off Maple Avenue trail.

Signs will be placed by IPC at appropriate locations and near the activity areas when they are working.

In compliance with EPA regulations, IPC will again be using their certified trained specialists to safely and diligently apply carefully diluted solutions of EPA registered products (Rodeo or Garlon) to specific invasive plants by painting or targeted spraying according to label instructions.

A harmless blue-indicator dye may be seen on the surface of the invasive plants in those areas treated by targeted backpack sprayers. Subsequent ‘brown out’ may be noticeable as those invasive plants are controlled.

Please contact the Woods Committee co-chairs (Joan Mahaffey, Pat Klein), or me directly if you have any questions.

John Compton, Mayor

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