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July 4th Parade Video

I would very much like to upload the July 4th parade onto YouTube as well, but I want to allow people time to pull out of the video if you do not want to be on YouTube. The link will be an unlisted link which means that a search on YouTube will not bring up the video. One must have the link in order to view the video which means it has to have been shared with them in order to click on the link. If you stood out for the parade but you do not want your video in the YouTube July 4th video, please contact me at [email protected] or via phone or text at 240-838-1840 by December 15th.

Halloween Parade Video

Thank you to those to participated in the Halloween parade, which has now been uploaded to YouTube in an unlisted link and shared on the listserv. If you’d like the link, please let me know.

Emily Cavey

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