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Nominations for Town office close April 12. Nominees so far:

  • Mayor (one year-term) John Compton
  • Council (two three year-terms) Christine Dibble, Audrey Maskery, Barbara Raimondo

Election Day is Saturday, May 8.

  • Eligible voters are those registered to vote in Montgomery County at a Town address.
  • All eligible voters are strongly urged to cast their votes by the absentee and emergency ballot procedure for “early voting” used last year.
  • An Election Ballot for early voting must be requested using the Absentee Ballot Application Form.
  • All details and Application Forms for ballots will be available the week of April 5th on the town website, from the Town Office, and will also be distributed electronically in a Grove Alert.
  • Ballots will be available soon after the close of nominations on April 12th.
  • The Town Council will make a final decision on April 12th whether any in-person voting will be allowed on election day.

You can check your current voter registration by:
Clicking this link: http://voterservices.elections.maryland.gov/VoterSearch
Or by sending a Text message: text “Check” to 77788.

Questions to [email protected] or to any member of the Board of Supervisors of Elections (Margo Cavenagh, Dave Hix, Mary Blake)

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