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New and old Town residents are reminded that Washington Grove is a self-governing municipality dependent on citizen volunteers. The office of Mayor is filled every year, as are two seats on the Town Council with three year-terms. This year’s election will be held on Saturday, May 8. Nominations close April 12.

Nominations require the signatures of two Town residents as well as an acceptance by the nominee. They can be mailed to the Town Office, attention of the Board of Supervisors of Elections. Candidates for Mayor must have resided in Town for two years immediately preceding their nomination. Candidates for Council must have resided in Town for one year preceding their nomination.

Any resident registered to vote in Montgomery County at a Town address has a vote in all Town affairs. Voting will close in the late afternoon on Election Day and will be followed by the Annual Town Meeting. Here is another chance to participate in our Democracy! It may be that we can all use the practice.

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