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Coordinating Shopping Trips During the COID 19 Epidemic

Regularly Scheduled Grocery Trips: Two volunteers are shopping at regular times during the week. Please contact them to make arrangements by the preceding evening.

MONDAYS: (notify by Sun. 5 pm) Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, MOM’s, or Aldi’s; call or text Caitlin Bethepu at 414-208-8661.

WEDNESDAYS: (notify by Tues. eve.) Giant Food Store; call, text or email Paul Boynton at 301-367-7830; [email protected].

Impromptu Grocery/Shopping Trips. If you are going to a particular grocery store/pharmacy and can pick up items for others, consider posting a message to the listserv ([email protected]) hours before or even the night before you head out. Mention which store you plan to visit and list your phone number so neighbors can contact you before emailing requests.

NOTE: If you don’t regularly read the Washington Grove listserv, you can receive announcements of Washington Grove Cares-sponsored events and occasional impromptu shopping trips by emailing [email protected].

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