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Join us Sunday evenings in McCathran Hall at 7:00 p.m. A discussion follows each film. We expect new speakers will provide improved sound in the hall this year.

Purchase a 5-film subscription for $20 by sending a check payable to the Town of Washington Grove to Birgit Henninger, Box 355. If you miss a film, you can still use the ticket by bringing a guest to a subsequent film this season. Tickets at the door cost $7.

Hail the Conquering Hero

October 11, 2015

Directed by Preston Sturges, 1944, US, 101 minutes. Shown with English subtitles.
Woodrow’s hay fever leads to his quick discharge from service in WWII, but he dreads returning home having lost his chance to distinguish himself. On a lark, some helpful fellow Marines spread word that he’s a hero, and the story hilariously balloons out of control.


November 15, 2015

Directed by Matthew Warchus, 2014, UK, 119 minutes. Shown with English subtitles.
With heartfelt sentiment enlivened by humor and music, “Pride” portrays an unusual alliance during Margaret Thatcher’s premiership in Britain. A young activist in London rallies his gay friends to make common cause with striking Welsh coal miners.

Ace in the Hole

January 10, 2016

Directed by Billy Wilder, 1951, US, b&w, 111 minutes. Shown with English subtitles.
Although released in 1951, “Ace in the Hole” presents a dark, cynical vision of American media that feels astonishingly contemporary in its lust for sensationalism. Billy Wilder’s film stars Kirk Douglas in a fiercely intense performance as a reporter who will do anything to exploit the big story and lurid headlines.

The Lunchbox

February 21, 2016

Directed by Ritesh Batra, 2014, India, 109 minutes. Hindi with English subtitles.
In colorful, chaotic Mumbai, the wrong lunch lands on the desk of an office worker, setting off a chain of events that brings together a neglected housewife and a lonely widower nearing retirement. Their communication, via handwritten notes and home-cooked meals, evolves into a deeper bond.

Safe in Hell

March 20, 2016

Directed by William A. Wellman, 1931, US, b&w , 73 minutes. Shown without subtitles.
A New Orleans woman, played by Dorothy Mackaill, flees to a Caribbean island to escape a sordid past. That’s when her real troubles start. This 1931 “talkie” preceded the Hays Code era; studios had not yet begun to follow guidelines about what was morally acceptable in movies..

The Washington Grove Film Society purchases public performance rights from movie distributors for all of our screenings. The film series is supported by your subscription purchases and by the Town of Washington Grove Recreation Committee.

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