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12 April 2017

Attendees: Georgette Cole, Chair; Audrey Maskery, Deborah Mehlferber, John Compton.

Arbor Day will be celebrated on Saturday April 29. F&B will be working in Morgan Park. We plan to weed the bed around the Town sign, moving one of the large hellebores from the Town Hall to replace the dead shrub next to the sign. More young hellebores will be purchased and some of these will also be added to the bed with the unused plants slated for around McCathran Hall. The azaleas and rhododendrons in the front bed have taken a hit over the winter from deer browsing. We should look at these and decide if deer fencing is needed. We will continue to clean out more undergrowth around the azaleas in the area between Grove Road and Chestnut Avenue. The Woods Committee will be working on trash removal in the West Woods while the Lake Committee cleans at the Lake to prepare for opening on Memorial Day weekend. At noon all will gather at the Lake to relax and share pizza.

The Stadler Tree sale will be March 23 – April 23. We plan to check their supply of native dogwoods and serviceberry. We’d also like to see if they have native chokeberry bushes in stock.

New business: We discussed replenishing the decorative plants in the Circle. Possible replacements to look into are Virginia bluebells, hellebores, native ferns and periwinkle. Georgette will try to find some catalogues for the May meeting.

We also discussed finding some ‘tougher’ trees to go in the McCauley Triangle area. We ought to find out what type of arbor vitae is next to Joe Stoltz. These seem to be doing well and not particularly attractive to deer. What about scrub holly, cypress and American Holly.

Next meeting May 10.

Adjourn 8:30 pm.

Submitted by Georgette Cole, F&B Chair

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