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25 August 2016

Meeting attendees: Georgette Cole, Audrey Maskery, Deborah Mehlferber, and John Compton.

Residential Canopy walk with Bill Bonds: This occurred on August 8. Joli McCathran, Audrey Maskery, Georgette Cole, Deborah Melferber, and John Compton attended. We walked the Circle, notes include: review of dead trees, recommendation to “strategically locate desirable trees in areas with reasonable sunlight”, observation that selected tree feeding at $300/tree would probably be worthwhile. Discussed Pepco undergrounding along 4th Ave. We walked through Chapel Park where he felt the tree canopy was in a healthier state than the Circle. We walked over to Woodward Park. Bill recommended additional thinning in the old nursery area, there is a good pin oak which can be freed up. The WWP area has quite a few dead trees to come out. As result, there is space for more tree addition; remember all oaks need sun to get established strongly. He noted roughly 75 big trees in the area toward south end of Maple Ave with about 25 of those in poor condition. He suggested getting someone from UMD to do soil testing. Our last area was Morgan Park. He agreed the tree regeneration in the east end of Morgan was poor due to poor drainage. Regeneration in the west end looks good. There are still many dying trees to keep an eye on. The damaged tree on Grove Road west roadside was flagged for removal in the September tree work. We walked back to McCathran Hall along Grove Avenue. The large Oak at the corner of Oak Street and Grove Avenue was judged ‘pretty solid’.

Plans for Fall tree planting: We reviewed the list of 7 Audrey and Georgette currently have. This will be reviewed again in September.

Adopt-a-Tree project update: Carolyn reports the project is going well. She brought the contract sheet for a Town Maple tree adopted by the adjacent owners at 500 McCauley Street. It detailed two rounds of subsurface soil fertilization and trunk treatment for borers and phytopthora canker in July and September. This will be followed by one round of root invigoration in October to finish preparing the tree for winter dormancy.

Audrey brought her text for the September Bulletin, titled “What’s That? Garlic Mustard”

Next meeting: Thursday September 15.

Submitted by Georgette Cole, F&B Chair

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