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21 January 2016

Meeting attendees: Georgette Cole, Audrey Maskery, Deborah Mehlferber, Carolyn O’Connor, John Compton.


1) Emerald Ash Borer: Need to locate Ash trees in Town. Georgette to check the 2004 tree inventory. Audrey has estimate ($315) for the Green Ash tree next to Grove Road near the tennis courts. We will need to come up with an estimated cost per year (trees are treated bi-annually) for the 2017 budget. In the meantime Audrey will proceed with getting the estimate confirmed and scheduling the work (timing uncertain).

2) Adopt-a-Tree program: Headline for Bulletin could be Trees Need Support Too! Carolyn and Deb will work on rewriting the Bulletin text for next meeting. The town can’t recommend one specific tree company. We can provide a list of several companies with estimates as to relative cost of treatment. Deb and Audrey to look into cost from Woodacre, others? Georgette to find out who did the treatment last time the Town did it and at what cost.

3) Resident Survey: The main goal is to raise resident awareness and get people more interested/connected to what is happening to our canopy on both public and private land. We will continue to work on format. Georgette to ask Kathy what might be a good month for a one page survey in the Bulletin.

4) New business: Discussion of invasives in the park areas along Brown Street (ex: burning bush smothering a nice rhododendron near Chestnut Ave.) We need to plan spring cleaning work. Also look into a part-time worker to do the tree watering program.

Submitted by Georgette Cole, F&B Chair

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