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17 March 2016

Meeting attendees: Georgette Cole, Audrey Maskery, Deborah Mehlferber, Carolyn O’Connor, John Compton.

1. Agenda approved

2. F&B budget FY 2017:

We reviewed the items F&B needed for FY2017. I added John’s suggestion of a separate line item for tree watering. When it came up at the budget work session on Monday Mary said the watering funds were included in 2D-1.44 Forestry and Beautification Committee. This paid Sam Appleby for tree watering this past year. We bumped it up from 3,500 to 4,000 in spite of the fat that only $1,500 was used in FY2016. I wanted to be generous since we didn’t know how many hours the new mature trees from Ace would take. Audrey has the figures from Ace now: 100 gallons per week for Pin Oak, 75 gallons per week for the Black Gum (or Holly).

3. Next Bulletin Text:

Write up information on the Adopt-a-Tree program; 5 trees now adopted. Call Carolyn to sign up.
The new trees for the Morgan Park area.
Possibly the Pepco free tree program.

4. Spring Trees and Watering plan:

I still need to assemble the tree info and send to John to put in a spreadsheet. Audrey and I have marked the location of 3 Pin Oaks and 2 Black Gums to be added to Morgan Park. This area has lost two large old Oaks in the past 2 years and we wanted to replace them with substantial trees. This can be done by Ace Tree Movers who have a large tree farm from which specimens can be spaded and moved. These trees are $1,800 apiece but we felt it was worthwhile as these trees will have a significant impact on the entry area to our Town. See photo attached of two of the Pin Oaks Audrey has selected. We may get a volume discount if the Lake Committee and the Woods Group decide to buy some also. Two Sycamores have been located by Stadler and will be installed in Woodward Park in early April.

5. New Business;

Reviewed Pepco requests to remove two trees on private property. Pepco originally planned to remove several trees in the West Woods to re-run the electrical line to the pump house at the lake. After multiple phone calls and on site meetings with Steve Wets Pepco has agreed to do the new wiring with only some minor limb trimming and removal of a couple of very small trees.

6. Adjourn

Submitted by Georgette Cole, F&B Chair

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