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14 March 2018 | Approved: 11 April 2018

Attendees: Georgette Cole, Chair; John Compton, Jay Everhart, Audrey Maskery, Deborah Mehlferber, and Cynthia Werts.

Agenda approved by consensus.
November minutes approved by consensus.

F&B budget for FY2019:
Budget Spent to Estimated Proposed
FY 2018 1-Jan-18 30-Jun-18 FY 2019
2D1.44 Beautification Plantings 4,000 371 3,629 4,000
2D1.47 Tree Plantings Parks and Residential 20,000 12,155 20,000 20,000

Spring planting: Residents will be solicited in the April Bulletin for new tree location suggestions. Georgette will bring a map with proposals to the April meeting.

A document with potential native trees and shrubs for replacing non-native invasives (NNIs) was discussed. Jay added an additional 15 candidates which was very welcome. We will try to identify a good site for an initial test removal/replacement.

Arbor Day 2018 will be celebrated on Saturday April 28. We will schedule a work session in the Circle to add more ferns and small spring flowers like winter aconite. Note: the viburnum on the Center Street side of McCathran Hall need pruning this spring.

Other business: We discussed the letter from Bartlett Tree Experts to Ann Philips of 403 McCauley Street. Under the resident tree adoption program proposed by Carolyn O’Connor and sponsored by the F&B Committee in 2016, Mrs. Philips and her husband Ken Shapiro have been paying for treatment of the large old sycamore on Grove Avenue in the SW corner of Woodward Park. Bartlett notified her that it was time to fertilize the tree again (yearly for $305) and treat it for anthracnose (every other year for $774). The total cost would be $1,079 this year. Mrs. Philips advised us that they were no longer able to do this and asked if the Town wanted to take it on. The Committee discussed the proposal. Although we are very grateful for the generous assistance given to this lovely old tree we decided the use of over 1/20th of our tree budget on a single tree was not justified. We will continue to focus on installing as many new trees as we possibly can to replace our beloved older trees.

Adjourn 8:30pm, next meeting April 11
Submitted by Georgette Cole, F&B Chair

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