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18 October 2017 | Approved: 8 November 2017

Attendees: Georgette Cole, Chair; Jay Everhart, Audrey Maskery, Deborah Mehlferber, and Cynthia Werts. Joan Mahaffey also came as liaison for the Woods Committee

Minutes from 091317 were approved.
We reviewed the Circle Cleanup work date Saturday Oct 14. The project went well although turnout was low. We need to find a better way to recruit volunteers than publication in the Town Bulletin. Georgette will send alerts to F&B members a week before and a day before work projects so all F&B members are aware of when we are working. Audrey, Deb, Joan, Cynthia, Steve Werts, Dan Tutas, Georgette, Ernie Kawasaki, and Terry Cox cleared English ivy from the planting beds, then applied mulch and planted Christmas ferns. Dan concentrated on the English ivy on town trees and cleared a very large number in the circle area. In a follow-up effort on Friday Oct 20 Audrey, Deb and Ernie planted the remaining 10 Christmas ferns. We plan to add new azaleas in the spring.
Locations for fall tree plantings were reviewed.

Ace trees not purchased yet:

American Beech — 410 Oak Street/Maple road
Black Gum – Woodward Park – Grove road

Stadler Trees purchased 10/10/17

White Pine for Lower Ridge Rd nr 358 Ridge
Swamp Oak – between 1 and 2 Circle
Swamp Oak – Woodward Park near Maintenance shed side of playground
Black Gum Wildfire– Brown Street at 103 Grove Ave
Nuttall Oak tree to replace dead oak on Oak Street near playground (remove and grind)
2 Leatherleaf Viburnum—Lower Ridge Rd nr 358 (or from elsewhere)
Final price $1,821.

Trees to be moved (Ace or Marty Kelly)

American Beech (planted next to a telephone pole, very poor location) to Woodward Park/109 Maple Ave
Ginko (failing to thrive due to 2 adjacent Black Walnuts) to McCauley Triangle
River Birch in old garden area to other side of 108 Pine Ave. Get Miss Utility to look at lines.
Butternut, also in the old garden area, to a more open area of Pine Ave nr 107 (where a stump needs grinding)

The Bulletin will summarize the latest F&B projects.

We were asked by Chair Marc Hansen to evaluate the dog park locations which fall under F&B purview. Audrey accompanied the Dog Park Committee on a walk to pinpoint and discuss the locations on their list. She was able to outline the actual areas on a town map for us. The three locations F&B evaluated were:
1) Railroad Park;
2) Behind Town Garage taking a small portion of existing playground;
3) On North side of ball/soccer field along South side of driveway/Oak St.—across from existing parking.

We concluded, by consensus,
Location 1 in Railroad Park is suitable and would not negatively affect our charge to protect the Town vegetation (especially trees) or ambiance (beautification).
Location 2 behind the Town Garage is not suitable. It is immediately adjacent to a drainage ditch leading into the nearby wetlands. This is a very wet area with ground that is soggy for at least 8 months of the year. In addition it is too close to the playground and as proposed would take part of the area now used by the playground equipment.
Location 3 on the North side of Woodward Park across from adjacent parking is not suitable. This area is highly visible and already in high use. It is an important area during both the Town Fourth of July celebration and the Labor Day activities. It is also part of the current soccer playing area.

New Business: We discussed the prevalence of non-native invasive plant material on Town land in our residential areas. Much of this is bush honeysuckle although euonymus is also well represented. Addressing the issue in the Bulletin is a start. It was suggested we start creating a list (“block-a-week”) for consideration. Removal of such plants needs to be gradual and suitable replacement bushes are a necessity.
Joan Mahaffey pointed out the vines she sees in Morgan Park where the Humpback Bridge comes across are probably Kudzu. Kudzu already infests the MC land in the formerly forested area west of Hershey’s Restaurant. Most of the trees here are now dead or dying and the Kudzu has taken advantage of the vacuum. This will need to be investigated. Report planned for our next meeting.
Adjourn 8:45 pm.
Next meeting November 8.

Submitted by Georgette Cole, F&B Chair

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