/* The Divi child theme test */ Forestry and Beautification Meeting Minutes September 2016 | Town of Washington Grove
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15 September 2016

Meeting attendees: Georgette Cole, Audrey Maskery, Deborah Mehlferber, and John Compton.

Plans for Fall tree planting: John Compton was unable to attend but suggested tree planting locations for this fall (The Circle, Oak St between Maple Ave and Maple Road, and near the hard tennis court (likely off the corner closest to the maintenance shed). Georgette and Audrey will check each area. We are looking at places to plant the 8-10” caliper Ace trees as well as the 1.5-2” caliper Stadler trees. The final list will be available at the October F&B meeting.

Audrey brought her text for the September Bulletin, titled “What’s That? Garlic Mustard”.

Joan Mahaffey attended the meeting with questions about buying trees from different vendors.

Next meeting: Thursday October 27.

Submitted by Georgette Cole, F&B Chair

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