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Next Meeting: March 14, 2018; 7:30 p.m. in the Council Room. All meetings are open to the public.

This fall has been a busy planting season for the Forestry and Beautification Committee. Almost all planting occurred in December, later than usual due to the warm fall weather. Most of the trees were moved once they had dropped their leaves and entered winter dormancy. Five (5) new trees and two (2) Viburnum bushes have been installed by Stadler Nursery. We were pleased to be able to add a less common variety, the Nuttal Oak, to the trees in Woodward Park. These newly planted trees have tree guards or fencing to protect from deer damage. These will remain in place until the tree is large enough to withstand both deer browsing and antler rubbing. In addition, ten (10) large caliper (8-10 inch) trees were purchased from Ace Tree Nursery and installed in December. These trees are mostly Sugar Maple and Black Gum, but there are also three large American Hollies on Center Street near the Maintenance Building. The other trees are distributed around Town. A Black Gum has joined the new-this-past-spring American Beech in Woodward Park. Three others were placed in the McCauley Triangle Park along Washington Grove Lane. All will be easy to spot in the spring as they will be will tagged for the watering program to promote their survival.

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