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Regulations for Fishing at Maple Lake

  1. Maple Lake is a private lake. All use of Maple Lake, including fishing, is restricted to Washington Grove residents and their supervised guests.


  2. All anglers (persons fishing) over the age of 16 must possess a valid Maryland freshwater fishing license.


  3. All fishing is catch and release. Barbless hooks are recommended (flatten or snip the barbs off your hooks.)


  4. Anglers are responsible for their gear and for removing all fishing gear including hooks, line, sinkers, etc., from the waters of Maple Lake and surrounding areas after use.


  5. Anglers are responsible for proper disposal of their trash; if you bring it in, you must bring it out. Leave Maple Lake cleaner than you found it.


  6. No trot lines or fixed lines allowed.


  7. No fishing allowed from dock at any time.


  8. Between May 1 and September 30, all fishing is restricted to area south of bridge (see map.)


  9. Swimmers have the right of way; fishing must stop if swimmers enter the fishing area.


  10. Enjoy Maple Lake and preserve our resource.


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