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Dog Park Committee

The many tasks associated with keeping the Dog Park clean, healthy, and safe are managed by the dedicated members of this all-volunteer committee.

The Washington Grove Dog Park (Dog Park) is for the exclusive use of Washington Grove residents and their Montgomery County licensed dogs. As a condition of use, persons who choose to use the Dog Park agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations.

The Dog Park Committee is established to:

1. recommend to the Town Council:

2. assist, as requested by the Town Council, in the construction of the park,

3. maintain the condition of the park to ensure cleanliness, health and safety,

4. establish a registration process for dogs to be permitted to use the park,

5. register dogs,

6. establish hours of operation and any other rules and regulations for the park not otherwise covered by Resolution No. 2018-06, and

7. enforce the provisions of Resolution No. 2018-06 and any other rules and regulations established by the Committee.


Dog Park Committee Logo


Liz Gillanders

Committee News

The latest news from the Committee is described in the Dog Park Committee section of the most recent monthly Town Bulletin.


Agendas and Minutes

You can view all agendas and minutes for meetings in the Committee’s Google docs folder at bit.ly/WG-DogParkCmteDocs.

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