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Comprehensive Plan

Washington Grove is unique in its roots, its initial land use plan, the design of its dwellings, its determination to retain more land in a natural state as forests and parks than developed property, and the character of its history. Recognizing that most of the Town’s privately-owned parcels are already developed, the goals and objectives of this plan are to:

  • Preserve the integrity of the Town by providing guidance for protection of the land use pattern as reflected by the historic character of the community (as defined in the National Register Designation) and as influenced by the evolving culture of the community.
  • Preserve historic resources through thoughtful adaptation of housing stock and conservation of the natural landscape.
  • Protect and improve the economic and intrinsic value of both the privately-owned property and the property and resources held in common.
  • Expand awareness of Washington Grove in adjacent jurisdictions and provide opportunities for discourse and exchange.
  • Support planning requirements throughout the State.

The current Comprehensive Plan became effective on February 25, 2009. In 2017, the Town’s Planning Commission began work on a new Comprehensive Plan 2022, which was finalized in Summer 2022.

Comprehensive Plan 2022

Here it is—the newly adopted Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Washington Grove! The plan is the result of over three years of work by the Planning Commission and the many volunteers submitting material from the Historic Preservation Commission and the many Town Committees which were involved in the process.

The Comprehensive Plan has had several public hearings and has also benefited from the many residents who submitted written public comments. During the final stage, the Town Council has also added their input and finally adopted the current 2022 Plan.

Our thanks go out to each and every one of you who participated in producing this important planning document which provides guidance we can use now and build on as we move forward.


Most Recent Documents


Documents Related to Submission of Public Comments/Written Testimony

Work Session Minutes

Approval Process for Town Council Adoption of 2022 Comprehensive Plan

Timeline for Action by Resolution by the Town Council required within 90 days, with possible 60 day extension.

  • April 11—Town Council receives Plan from the Planning Commission.
  • July 10—Town Council must act (90-day requirement) or extend 60 days.
  • September 8—Town Council must act (after 60-day extension)

Actions available to Town Council on the submitted Comprehensive Plan:

  • Adoption, or
  • Modification and adoption, or
  • Remands to PC with comments.

Schedule for Town Council action:

  • May 9—Initial Town Council discussion.
  • June 13—Full Town Council discussion and
    • Action on the Plan, or
    • Schedule another meeting for before July 10, or
    • Pass a 60-day extension resolution.
  • July 11—Further Town Council discussion and possible action.
  • August 8 – Further Town Council discussion and action.


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