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Lot and Block » Lots 8-9, Block 17 Old Lots 36-37, Block 5
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Built » c. 1909
Built by »
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Owner(s) » Mary A Barnes, 1886 (#126) Sarah P Barnes, 1894 (#377) Caroline Ober, 1894 (#380) Mary J Coe, 1909 (#733) Charles O Reed, 1914 (#908) Charles M Keefer, 1923 to post-1937 (#1081) Wallace & Dorothy Troth Muir (1944 to at least 1953) Agnes M. Eathorne (liber 3126 folio 478) Mrs. Agnes M. Johnson, non-sale transfer 17 January 1967 (liber 3126 folio 478)
Remarks » First stock connected with lot was 1909 by Mary Coe. In 1917 Charles O. Reed stated cottage was used as a storeroom. Wrap-around porch removed post-1960. During Charles O. Reed ownership there was a windmill and water tank on top of the house. During World War II Dorothy Troth Muir operated a consignment shop in a room of the cottage for a project she called “Victory Exchange”. She collected items to be sold on consignment for cash, paying the consigner in War stamps or bonds. Photo of Dorothy Muir as a girl found in Coleman, p. 97-98. Muir, a historian, has written a history of the County and on George Washington.
Sources » Town Directories; Register of Stock Certificates; Phil Edwards notes; Assessment records; Reed correspondence 25 August 1917; 1946 tax list; 1953 delinquent tax list; Town records; Shantz, p. 45, 81; 1944 news clipping; Town records; Margaret Marshall Coleman, Montgomery County: A Pictorial History (Donning Co, Norfolk, VA, 1984) pp. 97-98, 176-177.

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