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Town Council News

Next meeting: Monday » 07.09.12 @ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room. The public is invited to attend.

Actions at the June 11th Council meeting included:

  • approval of the Mayor’s appointment of Brenda Gumula as full member of Planning Commission.
  • approval of Budget Transfer Resolution No. 2012-03.
  • acceptance of the resignation of Town Attorney Bill Roberts.
  • approval of the Mayor’s appointment of Suellen Ferguson to the position of Town Attorney.

Update on the Deer Park Bridge

This process has been slow and difficult but we expect to have enough information to bring to a Town Meeting this summer. Although the official Town position still supports lowering the tracks, CSX remains firm in their need to raise the Humpback Bridge. As directed by Resolution 2011-04 the Mayor and Deer Park Bridge Group have focused on identifying adverse impacts on Washington Grove that would result from the “raise the bridge” option. In the past year we have consulted with Montgomery County officials and independent contractors. We have been able to identify impacts that need to be avoided and the kind of mitigating actions that eliminate or lessen such impacts. Our consultation with CSX on June 5 allowed us to discuss these impacts with them. We started to identify what CSX can do for mitigation and improvements if the Town agrees to change our official stance on track lowering versus bridge raising. The meeting with CSX went well. I am hopeful that a potential agreement we envision with CSX will be one that protects and benefits the Town.

Planning Commission News

Next meeting: Wednesday » 07.11.12 @ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room. The public is invited to attend.

If you are going to erect a building or structure (including fences), make structural alterations to, or move any existing building or other structure, you must first obtain a building permit from the Washington Grove Planning Commission. Please contact the Town Office (301-926-2256) or [email protected], or see permits for more details. The Historic Preservation Commission will review most permit applications as well.

The following permits were approved:

  • 117 W.G. Lane solar panels
  • 348 Ridge Road solar panels
  • 352 Ridge Road solar panels

Alternate Member Needed

The Planning Commission needs an alternate member on its roster. This is a golden opportunity for someone who has an interest in these matters and would like start (or continue) a volunteer experience with the Town. Please call Mayor Cole, 301-330-6740 or Charlie Challstrom, 301-926-4498 for more information.

Historic Preservation News

Next meeting: Tuesday » 07.17.12 @ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room. Meetings are open to the public.

The Missing Minutes

Town Archivist Pat Patula tells us that meeting minutes of the Camp Meeting Association for the period 1884 through 1902 are missing from our records. Perhaps a resident with a long family history in Town might be able to help? Or maybe a newer resident found a box of mystery papers tucked in the eaves when they moved into their home? Please contact Kathy Lehman if you find any of these records.

Volunteer Needed

Are you a good scanner of historical documents or photos etc? We need your help. The Town continues with its efforts to make the archives more accessible to all. This involves scanning things into the computer. If you would like to help with this, please call the Town Office, 301-926-2256.

Recreation Committee News

Next meeting: Wednesday » 09.19.12@ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room. The public is invited to attend.

July 4th Changes the Game Plan

This year, THE GAME, will be played on Sunday, July 1st in Woodward Park at 2:00 pm. THE GAME is open to players of all ages and skills. Sign up ahead or just show up! Spectators and cheerleaders needed. Bring your chair and your enthusiasm…costumes optional.

The Fireplace Picnic Sunday July 1st

5:30 pm in Woodward Park. Y’all come and bring a dish to share. Dogs, condiments and paper goods will be provided. Music later??? For more information call Ann Briggs, 301-926-6347.

Independence Day Schedule (Wed. July 4th)

  • 11am – Costume judging – Woodward Park
  • Noon – Flag Raising & Parade – Woodward Park
  • 12:30pm Awards etc. at McCathran Hall

Muskrat Band Will March Again!!

Musicians young and old, in shape or not, are invited to play in the Muskrat Band. Contact Eric Selby 301-926-7073 or [email protected]. No audition required, all are invited!!

Tennis Tradition Continues in The Grove

Junior Tennis Camp

July 3 – 27th with Summer In The Parks
Schedule TBA.
Contact Linda for more details.
*fee is $40.00

Adult Tennis Camp – Spread out & Pain Free!

  • July 2, 7-8:30pm
  • July 3, 7-8:30pm
  • July 8, 5-6:30pm
  • July 10, 7-8:30pm
  • July 18, 7-8:30pm

Contact Linda Baim to register: [email protected] or 301-926-8767.

Summer in the Parks

Starts July 3, 2012
Ready or not, here it comes!!

Forestry & Beautification News

There have been a number of inquiries concerning the Town policy on removal of dead or dying trees.
Forestry and Beautification continues to follow long standing ecology plans with regard to dead standing or fallen trees; these will be left to nature where ever possible. This is certainly the plan for East and West Woods, unless the fallen tree has made a trail impassable. In these instances, Town maintenance will cut the fallen dead trunk to open pathways leaving the debris behind. When a tree dies within our park areas, or near residential property, it has to be completely removed because of liability issues. Pepco has done a reasonable job to remove dead trees and branches that had the potential to drop on power lines. This saved the Town a considerable amount of money. F&B plans to continue to plant hardwood trees this fall.

To Dump or Not To Dump

The Committee would like to remind residents not to dump garden waste in either the East Woods or West Woods. Recently, five dumps of garden waste have been noted close to the Maintenance shed! Maintenance spent a substantial amount of time and effort clearing the area known as Mulch Alley. Quite apart from the dumps being unsightly, there is a danger of introducing foreign vegetation with destructive tendencies to our woods. Please place your garden waste in either properly marked containers or paper garden waste bags and place them with your trash cans for pickup on Thursdays. You can obtain labels for your garden waste cans at the Town Office.

Woman’s Club News

Next meeting: Thursday » 07.20.12 @ 7:30 p.m. in Clubhouse.
Our speaker will be Kim Thompson, who will talk to us about strategies for relaxation and ensuring a good full night’s sleep. Kim Thompson delights in creating opportunities for her students to move physically in ways that refresh and create a sense of long term well-being. Her commitment to leading a dynamic class in which bodies of all kinds can thrive, has led her to pursue training in Yoga, Feldenkrais, Bones for Life, CranioSacral Therapy, and Spacial Dynamics. A full-time movement instructor since 2002, she currently teaches weekly classes in Gaithersburg, MD and maintains a health and movement blog at www.KimsConnections.com. There will be no meeting in August.

Program Description:
Do you have trouble falling asleep? Wake during the night and have trouble getting back to sleep? Feel unrested even after a full night’s sleep? Then come join us Friday, July 20 for:

Sleep & Relaxation: Body and Breath

  1. We will explore small adjustments you can make to your favorite sleep positions to facilitate easy breathing and relaxed muscles throughout the night.
  2. There is a Sleep-Wake continuum. We’ll discuss things you can do in the evenings to move yourself toward the Sleep end of the spectrum so that you arrive in bed ready for sleep.
  3. Small movements synchronized with breath can help you enter a calm here and now in which breathing and being embodied are experienced as sensual and delicious. Learn relaxation techniques you can use anytime, anywhere as well as simple and effective sleep induction techniques to help you fall asleep quickly and improve the quality of your rest.


  • June 30th–The Annual Church Yard Sale runs from 8 am to 1 pm at the parsonage, 101 Center St. Munchies and good conversation provided, along with good deals.
  • July 15th–Checking out Christianity? It’s both serious and amusing, according to theologian Rob Weber. On July 15th, at 12:30 pm at the parsonage, we’ll be watching one of his DVD talks and sharing thoughts on basics of the faith. All welcome at 101 Center St.

Welcome to our new website, which can be found at www.washgroveumc.org

Thank you! Many thanks for all the kind wishes and donations in honor of Pastor Judy’s ordination in late May! She looks forward to continuing the happy collaboration between church and town, as together we support Gaithersburg Help food pantry, and continue annual rebuilding of the homes of needy neighbors through “Grove Relief.” Thanks to your generous contributions to that mission from past Silent Auctions, we were able to donate $1,000 to our May 19th Rebuilding Together project in Poolesville (see photos on the website), as well as helping out with the labor of ten handy folks. Many thanks also to “Grove Reliefers” who returned for a second day of work on May 26th! Have a great summer all!

Lake Committee News

Next meeting: Wednesday » 07.18.12@ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room.

Maple Lake is open and ready for your enjoyment with Lifeguards on duty from 12 Noon to 6 PM.

  • Please familiarize yourself with the Lake Rules and Fishing Regulations which can be found on the Town’s web site, or at the Town office.
  • Party Permits & Lake passes can be obtained from Sally Mansfield (301-977-3189.) Do not use her e-mail.
  • Swim Lessons are given from June 29 – July 27. Please send your registration application (available on the Town web site or in a past Bulletin) to Tom Land at 313 Brown St. or P.O. Box 305.

Gate Combination To Change (already!)

Due to numerous cases where non-residents are accessing the combination lock, we will be changing the number on Friday June 29. There have been several instances of parties and fishing lines & hooks being left around the dock. Fishing is not allowed from the dock, and fishermen should pick up everything they take down there. Please contact me, a member of the Lake Committee, or the Town Office for the new number. Please do not give out the number to non-residents, or allow them to come into the lake without you being in control.

Outdoor Lighting Advisory Committee News

Join the Outdoor Lighting Advisory Committeeand be part of the solution!
The question of how many, or how few, street lights are needed in Town has been a long-simmering issue, recently brought to light (so to speak) by the unfortunate installation of the wrong bulbs during last month’s upgrade of the fixtures. While this particular problem will be remedied soon, it has caused the Council to focus on the multitude of questions involved in finding both short -term and long-term solutions to the lighting situation.

The Outdoor Lighting Advisory Committee was originally formed as an advocacy group for night friendly skies in Town, but at the request of the Council, they have taken on the far broader role of researching and advising on all things lighting. With this expanded focus, the need for more people and more diverse input has grown, and it is the Committee’s hope that more residents will take an interest and become active. The meetings are generally held the fourth Thursday of every month*, at 7:30 PM, in the Council room, and everyone is invited to drop in to listen, and stay to participate if you’re so inclined!
*Note – there will not be a meeting in July, however, there will be two meetings in August…Thursday, the 9th and Thursday, the 23rd, both at 7:30.

Hints and Tips about Outdoor Lighting

This exerpt is taken from the National Park Service website: https://www.nature.nps.gov/night/difference.cfm

Making a Difference

Light pollution is not the inevitable side-effect of progress, but is instead indicative of wasteful and inefficient outdoor lighting. The loss of the night sky is unnecessary, and protecting dark skies doesn’t mean throwing civilization back into the dark ages; it simply requires that outdoor lights be used judiciously, respecting our human environment, wildlife, and the night sky that we all enjoy.

If every outdoor light across America was made to be night sky friendly, it would save between $2 billion and $10 billion dollars annually in electrical usage. In most cases, upgrading lighting pays for itself in a few short years.

Stay tuned for more in the August Bulletin.

Do you know the meanings?

According to Funk & Wagnalls dictionary;

  • Scofflaw – a habitual violator of traffic laws.
  • Stop – to bring something in motion (like a car) to a halt; arrest the progress of.

Residents are reminded to drive 15, enjoy the scene and please observe the stop signs. They aren’t just for non-residents.


Don’t Be a Litter Bug!

As in parks all over the country, we have a carry in, carry out policy for our parks and our woods. Very simply, whatever you bring in to the park you must take with you when you leave. The trash can was removed from Woodward Park because it became a repository for dog waste bags.

Speaking of Trash

The contract with Potomac Disposal (our new trash/recycling contractor) begins on Thursday, July 5th. Residents are asked to be patient while the “newbies” learn to navigate our streets and alleys. If they miss you, please call Joe Clark 301-869-7944 to report the oversight. Thank you for your understanding!

Town Office

…will be closed from July 25 – August 3rd. Will reopen August 6th.

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