301-926-2256 [email protected]

Town Council News

Next meeting: Monday  »  04.09.07 @ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room.
The public is invited to attend.

Actions at the March Council meeting included:
approval of draft annexation terms for discussion with the owners of the Cator Property (17050 Railroad St.). A cluster-development option for the RR-4 zone has been created to accommodate the development characteristics of the property.
appointment of Margot Bohan to the Historic Preservation Commission (at the Feb. 26th meeting).

Budget Work Session/Council Meeting

Monday, March 26th 7:30 p.m. in the Council Room. Come, learn, and participate as the Town Council balances competing priorities putting together a budget for the Town meeting approval in May and continues work on regular business.

Development Updates Casey 6 & 7

A Preliminary Plan has been submitted and is being reviewed and refined by the P&P staff. The Planning Board is scheduled to review Phase I for approval on March 29th. Phase I consists of the extension of Crabbs Branch Way under I370 just a few hundred feet thus allowing access to the 6 acre portion of Casey 6 along I370 proposed for siting the ICC Western Maintenance Facility.

Piedmont Crossing Phase I Site Plan

Still under review /revision at P&P. The latest version proposes only single family homes adjacent to the Town and the Amity community, with multifamily townhouses along Amity and the wetlands. However the site plan remains seriously deficient in meeting compatibility standards along Ridge Road. The buffer strip between Ridge and the new parallel road still consists of a grassy swale with only some low plantings and token street trees, and fails to provide the visual screen contemplated in the Preliminary Plan. A forestation strip is essential to justify the parallel road layout of the new development. P&P staff will not support the site plan without this visual buffer, nor will the Town.

LOS Condemnation

Negotiations have stalled between M-NCPPC and the Town to invest the Town with a legal interest in the Legacy Open Space field sufficient to give us a legal right to oppose proposals in the future to change the approved land use of the property from passive park and recreation. Meanwhile, in a hearing before Judge Bernard, the motion to realign M-NCPPC from being a third-party defendant to being a defendant was denied. A hearing date was set in late April when the Judge will consider and rule on motions for partial (the Town) or complete Summary Judgment (MNCPPC, Toll Brothers) which argue that the Town does, or does not, have the legal right to condemn the LOS property. Meanwhile, further actions in the trial may be suspended.

Town Elections

Nominations for Mayor and Council have closed. Town elections will be held on Saturday, May 12, 2007 from 4-7 p.m. at McCathran Hall. The nominees are:
Mayor (1-year term) – John Compton
Mayor (1-year term) – John Tomlin
Council (two 3-year terms) – Charlie Challstrom & Marida Hines

To vote in Town elections, you must be currently registered to vote with Montgomery County at an address in Washington Grove. To verify your registration with the county, please call County Voter Registration Information at 240-777-8683.

Tax Reminder – Washington Grove – 1612

Please fill in Washington Grove 1612 in the appropriate box on your State income tax form. If someone else prepares your tax forms, include this notice with your tax information and if you file electronically; be sure to select Washington Grove under City, Town or Taxing Area. This DOES NOT increase your taxes, but DOES help ensure that the Town receives its proper share of local income tax revenue. Thanks for your help!

Mayor’s Award Deadline Approaches

The deadline for the Mayor’s Washington Grove Award is April 30, 2007. This award aims to recognize recent outstanding volunteer service of any kind (cultural, social, governmental) above and beyond the call of duty that has contributed to the present and future well-being of our Town. Please call or write with your suggestions before April 30th. Contact the Town Office; 301-926-2256, PO Box 216, [email protected] or Mayor Compton (cell) 240-432-5700.

Planning Commission News

Next meeting: Wednesday  »  04.04.07 @ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room.
The public is invited to attend.

Building Permits

If you are going to erect a building or structure (including fences), make structural alterations to, or move any existing building or other structure, you must first obtain a building permit from the Washington Grove Planning Commission. The Town zoning ordinance governs setbacks, lot coverage and height. Applications are available at the Town Office at 301-926-2256. The permit fee is $10.00, payable to the Town of Washington Grove. Interior renovations, which involve electrical, plumbing, or load-bearing changes, generally require a County permit. A shed requires a County permit as well. The Town must first sign off all applications for County-required building permits. The Historic Preservation Commission will review most permits as well.

Building permits were issued for the following:
402 Grove Ave.  »  Addition
346 Ridge Rd.  »  Fence

Historic Preservation News

Next meeting: Tuesday  »  04.17.07 @ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room.
The public is invited to attend. The HPC would like to remind residents to bring renovation plans to them early in your design process. They can offer some great ideas for your plans at no cost to you.

Neighborhood Watch News

Report Crimes & Suspicious Activity!
Mont. Co. Police non-emergency: 301-279-8000
Town Office: 301-926-2256
Betsy Klinger: 301-977-3517
Keith Gillis/Leigh Partington: 301-208-1437

Incident Report:
Speeding. – Speeding continues to be a complaint from residents. The speeders range from Grove residents and visitors to contractors and delivery trucks. This month speeders were reported on Acorn La and Grove Rd. When the roads are wet or icy, speeders lose control of their vehicles more easily; when the weather is nice, more children are likely to be outdoors playing. Please make an extra attempt every day to keep your speed down to 15 mph.
Mar. 3: Suspicious Activity. 400 block Grove Road – On at least two occasions, a black Acura with 2 – 4 male teens inside was seen parked on Grove Rd and McCauley St. The car’s occupants did not appear to be visiting Grove residents and drove off when approached.
Mar. 4: House fire. 400 block Oak St. – Neighbors heard an alarm at a home and saw a fire in the kitchen. The homeowners were away. The neighbors rescued the owner’s pets and dowsed the fire. The fire department finished the job when they arrived shortly thereafter.

Please report criminal or suspicious activity to your Neighborhood Watch Block Captain or Coordinators. Filing a police report, too, helps the police department keep track of criminal incidents and is necessary for police to take action. Of course, for emergency situations call 911.

Recreation Committee News

Next meeting: Wednesday  »  03.28.07 @ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room.
The public is invited to attend. New members always welcome!

Mousetrap Concert #3

The Amelia Piano Trio
Sunday, March 25th at 3 p.m. in McCathran Hall.
Call Alice Negin for tickets (301-926-2858).
Fascinating REPTILE WORLD Returns!

Bring your family and friends to McCathran Hall on Sunday, April 15, at 2 p.m. to view an incredible selection of live, large, colorful and gentle reptiles from all over the world. Sponsored by the Town’s Recreation Committee, this FREE program is given by Michael Shwedick, one of America’s leading reptile wildlife educators. You’ll discover what makes reptiles different from birds and mammals and how important they are in our environment. Many myths and misconceptions are dispelled, instilling a greater appreciation and understanding of these fascinating reptiles. Understanding nature’s most exciting, exotic and awesome creatures is a wonderful experience! Appropriate for all ages.

Summer In The Parks

It’s time to sign up for Summer In The Parks 2007. Children and relatives of Town residents entering grades K-4 are invited to attend our morning program from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm. Those entering grades 5-10 are invited to attend the afternoon program from 2 pm – 5 pm. Camp will meet Monday – Friday beginning Tuesday June 26th and will end on Friday July 20th. Fees will remain at $150 per camper. Town swimming lessons and tennis lessons will be coordinated to complement the camp schedule. Themes this year will include theatre and/or film-making, fine art, arts and crafts, nature, and sports.

We are happy to welcome Allison Clapp, our Town theatre class organizer, to our camp staff this year. We are also happy to welcome back Gwen Garfinkle and Violet Cavicchi. Other staff appointments are still pending.

Please sign-up for camp as soon as possible so that we can make firm commitments to our staff. The deadline for sign-up is March 30th. If you would like to be added to the SITP Yahoo Group, our primary means of communication for the camp, please contact Tami Williams by email at [email protected]. If you do not have access to the internet, please contact me at 301-869-8541 and I will forward copies of our correspondence to you via mail. We are looking forward to a great program this summer! Tami Williams

Maple Lake News

Lake Committee Meeting
Wednesday, April 11, 2007; 7:30 p.m.; Council Room
New members are always welcome!!

Save This Date for the Lady of Maple Lake
SUNDAY, APRIL 29TH…Long-time resident and Queen of Maple Lake Dodie Tippens will be honored at a brunch sponsored by the Lake Committee at McCathran Hall on Sunday, April 29, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Please come to celebrate Dodie’s enormous contribution to the Grove and to wish Dodie and Ed happiness in their next adventure. Watch for details in the April bulletin.

Maple Lake Cleanup
The annual cleanup will be on Saturday, April 28th at 10 AM. Please join in and bring your leaf rake, shovel, and wheelbarrow if you have one. Donuts & Goodies will be served! Rain date is Sunday, April 29th at 3:30. Call John Hutchinson at 301-926-8767 for details or questions.

Lifeguards Needed
We have several applicants, but need one or two more lifeguards. Hours are from 12-6, seven days a week. Life guards must be certified in Lifesaving, CPR, and First Aid. (We can help you get the training.) Pay is $10 to $12 per hour. Call Marida Hines at 301-519-8730, for details.

The geese are frequenting the lake in the morning and evening, and may be making a nest soon. We are trying to encourage them to find another lake, but if they do make a nest (likely on the island, Please do not disturb or feed them, and tell others not to also. Call John Hutchinson or Ann Phillips if you have questions or notice any unusual activity.

Safety at the Lake
To minimize problems with vandalism, outside visitors and other problems, we will be monitoring the lake more frequently checking on the fence and surrounding area. Please do NOT tell young children or outsiders what the combination is, and always lock, and spin the tumblers on the lock after opening it. Call John Hutchinson, Jim Fletcher, or Bruce Rothrock if you notice any maintenance problems. Please report every incident of suspicious behavior, vandalism or criminal activity to the police at the non-emergency number: 301-279-8000. The police use the log of these calls to determine how closely to patrol an area. They have asked us to report all incidents. Also alert NW (Neighborhood Watch) to any such incidents.
Woman’s Club News

Next meeting: Thursday  »  04.19.07 @ 7:30 p.m. in Clubhouse.
In eager anticipation and preparation for the Woman’s Club Flower Show in May, at our April 19th meeting we will have a demonstration and instructions in flower care and arranging. Come with questions and your creative juices flowing for bright ideas for your Flower Show entries and your arrangements all year round.

Annual Egg Hunt

Washington Grove’s Annual Egg Hunt will be held Sunday, April 1 at 2:00 p.m. Kids bring your baskets and meet at the Gazebo. (Meet at McCathran Hall in case of rain.) Refreshments will follow the hunt at McCathran Hall. Parents and/or grandparents are asked to fill one dozen eggs for each child attending.

Plastic eggs can be picked up on the front porches of Pat Deely (415 Grove Ave.) or Joan Mahaffey (102 Ridge Rd.) Please return eggs to Pat or Joan by March 25. Volunteers are needed for refreshments, hiding eggs, games, or crafts (teen volunteers are especially welcome). To volunteer call Pat (301-977-9505) or Joan (240-631-8064).
Attention Spring Cleaners!!!

Please remember while you are doing your spring cleaning to set aside unwanted items for the Woman’s Club Yard Sale in June. More information to follow regarding donation drop off and time and date of Yard Sale… Please contact Devon Cohen with any other questions or if you would like to volunteer at [email protected] or 301-963-2894.

Chili Supper

Many thanks to all the wonderful cooks who helped make our Chili Supper a hot time on a cold night. Thanks, also, to our set up and clean up crews. A special thank you to Terry Kirtz and Kathi Kershaw for organizing this fun evening.

Spring 2007 Leaf Pickup

Per our contract with US Lawns, the spring leaf pickup must be completed by April 1st. This often means you will see the leaf crew and the suck’emup truck in Town a lot during the last week of March. Please pile your leaves within 3 ft. of roads or walkways and remember, NO STICKS OR VINES, they foul the equipment.

Yard Waste Recycling is Back

As of March 7th, Montgomery County Sanitation & Recycling will pick up your recyclable yard waste in the big brown bags and in properly marked containers. Please leave your bags and containers “curbside” on Thursdays and watch your yard waste disappear.

Bulk Trash Pick-up Scheduled

A bulk trash pick-up is scheduled for Saturday, April 21, 2007. Collection may include furniture, appliances (not those with Freon), rugs, large toys, small auto parts, etc… Materials may not include construction by-products, large automotive parts, or tires. Please place all items “curbside” by 7:00 a.m.


Spring cleaning time is almost upon us, a season when our thoughts turn to … rampant paper towel use. In the last decade, single use household cleaning items have proliferated at an alarming rate. There is no doubt that products such as bleach wipes, glass wipes, and the seemingly ubiquitous “swiffer” lines are very appealing, especially when marketed in an atmosphere of microbe and allergen phobia. There is very little evidence that they get your house cleaner, safer or healthier than it would be if you cleaned it in the manner of previous generations. So let me now state the obvious.
Use rags. Flannel rags work just as well as disposable dust wipes for dusting. Lint-free rags are great for cleaning glass. Tough rags work better on countertops, bathroom surfaces and even floors than any of their paper competitors. Attach a cloth rag to the pole extender meant for disposable wipes, and you will have all of the convenience without the waste. Concerned about germs? Wash your rags in very hot water (one of the only times I will recommend this).
Hide your paper towels. Occasionally, there may still be jobs for which only a paper towel will do. Keep them in you hall closet or someplace where they are NOT within easy reach.
Use safe food handling techniques. Go to https://www.fsis.usda.gov for recommendations and fact sheets. You will see that these do not require the use of paper towels or bleach wipes.
Fun fact! Vacuuming increases the number of dust mites in your carpet. Shampooing your carpet causes a dust mite population explosion. If you are allergic to dust mites, get rid of your carpets.

WGUMC Events

Easter Week-All are welcome to Maundy Thursday service at 7:30 pm on April 5th, to the 20 minute Easter Sunrise Service on Ridge Road on Easter Sunday, April 8th, followed by bagels and donuts, and to Easter Service at the church at 11am. For more information, contact Judy Young, pastor, Washington Grove UMC, at [email protected] . Phone numbers are: church-301 869 3753, home-301 260 0725

Old Bikes Mean New Hope!

Montgomery County’s Waste Reduction Program encourages residents to donate usable bicycles, parts and accessories to BIKES FOR THE WORLD, a program of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association. BIKES FOR THE WORLD works with community services and religious organizations, to collect and donate thousands of bicycles annually. Donated bikes go to developing countries and the survivors of natural disasters, to help them rebuild their lives. Bike donors are asked to support this effort with a $10 tax-deductible donation per bike. For more information call 703-525-0931 or visit www.bikesfortheworld.org

Gypsy Moth Spraying

Although gypsy moth egg cases have been seen at the Brown St. & Ridge Rd. intersection and along Brown Street, the State is still unsure about spraying the area. The Town may have to contract with a private company. Stay tuned…

Many thanks go to Jeanie Myers, Dan Tutas, Audrey Maskery and all the “Trash Brigade” for their continued efforts to keep our Town trash free!


take your junk mail home with you and recycle it! The Post Office does not recycle so YOUR junk mail is going in the landfill. :o(
Town Speed Limit Is 15 mph

Remember, when you speed you are teaching you children to speed as well.

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