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Regular Meeting of the Town Council

Monday, July 12, 2021 | 7:30 p.m. | McCathran Hall Council Room

Join via Internet: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/297850640?pwd=czh3ODBEdEpTeXdkRTc5bDFmLzN2UT09
Dial-in: 301-715-8592 , Meeting ID 297 850 640 , Password 074385
Note that links to any relevant documents are contained in the minutes to this meeting when those minutes are made available.
  1. Call to Order 7:30 pm
  2. Approval of the Agenda – 5 min
  3. Public Appearances – The time allowed to speak will be limited to five minutes.
    Note: Written statements submitted as part of a public appearance will be noted in the Minutes and will be available from the Town Office after the meeting.
  4. Approval of Minutes – Regular Town Council meeting 14 June 2021 – 5 min
  5. Treasurers Report  – 10 min
  6. Mayor’s Announcements – 10 min
    • Kudos: To the Recreation Committee for resuming the traditional Grove Fourth of July events at which colorfully decked-out kids and adults eagerly turned out, to celebrate, to have fun, and to socialize.
    • Use of McCathran Hall: Revised User Agreement forms in legal review; Hall cleaning status.
    • Letter to congressional reps Van Hollen, Cardin and Trone questioning PO box policy at the Washington Grove Post Office.
    • BZA hearing on July 31st on a Special Exception Use application for a church at the Commercial Corner.
  7. Consideration of going into a Closed Session to discuss the appointments to the Shared Use Bike Path Connection Task Force.
  8. Appointments to the Shared Use Bike Path Connection Task Force – 15 min
    • Approval by the Town Council.
  9. Administrative Matters – 15 min
    • Adopting audio/video recordings as the official Minutes of Town Council Meeting, and posting to the Town website.
  10. Improvements to the Entrances Into Washington Grove – 15 min
    • Identity fencing at entrances – Review of trial fencing, and additional installations
    • Replacement of the Brown Street gate – Design concept and discussion
    • “Welcome to Washington Grove” signage on Washington Grove Lane and Railroad Street.  Discussion of the proposed sign design and construction/acquisition.
  11. Town Council Reports of note – 15 min
    • East and West Woods facilities plans for signage and trails. Role of the Town Council .
    • Guard rail replacement on Johnson Alley at 411 Grove Avenue
    • Website maintenance, improvements and plans.
    • Pepco’s proposed Streetlight Initiative and Smart Sensor Plan were both disapproved by the Maryland Public Service Commission.
  12. Old Business
  13.  New Business – 5 min
    • Request to revisit the planned closure of access to 108 Ridge Road from Cherry Avenue.
  14. Adjournment ~ 9:30 pm
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