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8 June 2002 | Approved: 14 June 2003

Mayor John Compton called the 66th annual Town Meeting to order at 8:13 p.m. Gary Gordon delivered the invocation.

Approval of Minutes

Ann Briggs moved, Tricia Knox seconded, that the Annual Town Meeting minutes of 9 June 2001 be approved. The motion was unanimously approved.

Mayor’s Report

Mayor Compton thanked members of the Town Council, Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, and Board of Election Supervisors. He commended members of the standing committees on Forestry and Beautification, Heritage, Lake, and Recreation for their work throughout the year. Out-going Council members David Gumula and Dorothy Tippens were each presented with whimsical gifts and sincere thanks for their valued service. Mayor Compton also presented Mary Challstrom, retired clerk and current treasurer, with a gift and a proclamation to recognize her 20 years of service and dedication to the Town. Mary received a well-deserved standing ovation.

The Mayor stated that the Town’s financial condition is excellent. The State performed an audit on Town records which resulted in a substantial increase in our State income tax revenue.

Planning issues noted during the year included:

  • Cator Property – discussions with property owners Steve and Shirl Harrison about annexation of this property continue. This parcel is located between Railroad Street and the railroad tracks near Aitcheson Crossing.
  • Master Plan Review – the Town Master Plan is almost finished with the exception of the Commercial Corner. The Prime Choice Catering business and their continued non-conforming use is still a problem. This area is also in need of renovation. The committee established for this project exists but is currently involved with other Town business.
  • Playground Project – new playground equipment will, hopefully, be purchased using the State Program Open Space funds. A discussion ensued concerning use of these State funds and the usage requirements that accompany them. Mayor Compton requested that the clerk resurrect the legal opinion of former Town attorney Steve Johnson.

Election Results

Board of Supervisors of Elections Chairman Mary Kay Dubois announced the following election results:

  • Mayor: (1 yr. term) John G. Compton 72 – elected
  • Council: (2 yr. term) Elizabeth Klinger 72 – elected
  • (3 yr. term) David Stopak 65 – elected
  • (3 yr. term) John Tomlin 46 – elected

Town Council Reports

Resident Bob Evans asked a question about Maintenance with reference to what gets mowed, when it gets mowed and why the grass east of the Soccer Field near the Town Nursery was not yet mowed. Maintenance Supervisor Jim Fletcher addressed the issue.

Landlord-Tenant Affairs

Mayor Compton announced that representatives from the Montgomery County Office of Landlord-Tenant Affairs will attend a public hearing on July 8, 2002. The Town is considering the adoption of the Montgomery County Landlord-Tenant Affairs Code.

Casey Fields Update

Landscape planners Dewberry & Davis will be presenting a new plan for the Oxbridge development known as the Casey Property at Mill Creek. This will occur at a meeting on Wednesday, June 12, 2002.

Action on FY 2003 Budget and Tax Rates

Some residents questioned the amount of money for legal fees in reference to the Casey Property. Discussion. Ann Briggs moved, and Brenda Gumula seconded that the budget for FY 2003 be adopted. More discussion. Birgit Henninger moved, and Don Henninger seconded that $320.00 be added to the proposed income for the Washington Grove Film Society. Vote:Unanimous.

A motion to adopt the FY 2003 budget, as amended, was approved.

New Business

Mayor Compton announced that the Mayor and Council will be looking into lowering the Town speed limit. A road study will get underway this year. The Mayor also brought up the idea of hiring a Code Enforcement Officer to help with the enforcement of Town Ordinances.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 p.m.

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