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9 May 2009 | Approved: 5 May 2010

Mayor Darrell Anderson welcomed everyone and called the 74th Annual Town Meeting to order at 8:05 p.m. The Reverend Judy Young delivered the invocation. There were over 50 residents in attendance.

Approval of Minutes

It was moved by Charlie Challstrom and seconded by Carol Uhlendorf that the Annual Town Meeting minutes of May 8, 2008 be approved. It passed unanimously.
Mayor’s Report: Mayor Anderson reported on the state of the Town. He said that our Town remains strong; strong in spirit, finances, safety, caring for one another, beauty and, above all, strong in our volunteer spirit. Mayor Anderson thanked, and mentioned by name, members of the Town Council, Planning Commission, Historic Preservation Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Board of Elections, Fire Board and the Audit Committee.
The Mayor spoke about all of the other volunteers who beautify our Town, organize activities and help take care of our Town. He specifically mentioned;

  • The Recreation Committee
  • The Lake Committee
  • The Forestry & Beautification Committee
  • The Website Coordinator, Bill Saar
  • The Town Trash Brigade
  • The Summer In The Parks Coordinators
  • The Mousetrap Concert Series Coordinators
  • The McCathran Hall Needs Committee
  • The Woman’s Club
  • The Woods Preservation Group
  • The Labor Day Coordinators
  • The Neighborhood Outreach Group
  • The Muskrat Band

Mayor Anderson encouraged residents to continue the Town’s strong volunteer tradition.

Mayor Anderson went on the say how lucky the Town is to have its employees living in Town. He thanked Town employees Treasurer Mary Challstrom, Maintenance Supervisor James Fletcher and Town Clerk Kathy Lehman for taking care of the Town.

Mayor Anderson announced that this year’s Outstanding Volunteer Award will go to two individuals for their tireless work at picking up trash along Washington Grove Lane. He presented the awards to Audrey Maskery and Jean Myers.

Mayor Anderson also made note of the following municipal issues;

  • The Deer Park Bridge will be renovated during the summer. This fix will be designed to last another 50 – 70 years.
  • Current ordinance work is happening in an effort to deal with mansionization.
  • The new Town Master Plan is complete and accepted.
  • Possible noise mitigation from the ICC project.
  • Updated Woodward Park ordinance governing the use of the park.
  • Another Special Town Meeting about the Legacy Open Space condemnation lawsuit.

Election Results

The election results were announced. A clerical error of omission was discovered with the reporting of write-in votes. The error was corrected and the results were read a second time. They are as follows, for the record; (* = Write-in)

For Mayor:

  • Darrell Anderson 144 votes
  • *Ann Briggs 1 vote
  • *Charlie Challstrom 3 votes
  • *Marc Hansen 3 votes
  • *Robin Menge 1 vote
  • *Bill Saar 1 vote
  • *John Tomlin 1 vote

For Town Council:

  • Sheldon Bierman 57 votes
  • *Kathie Evans 26 votes
  • *Sylvie Favret 102 votes
  • Ted Kelly 101 votes
  • *David Stopak 1 vote
  • *John Tomlin 1 vote

Discussion of Town Council Reports

Mayor Anderson – talked briefly about the various areas of responsibility for the Council. Some discussion followed.
Charlie Challstrom – thanked, and mentioned by name, members of the Planning Commission. He announced that Peggy Ebner had resigned and Eric Gleason would finish out her term. Charlie also mentioned and took questions about the following; Town block corner surveys, Shady Grove Advisory Committee, the plans to move the County Service Park to the properties known as Casey 6 & 7, the superb cooperation from the County with regards to the storm water management along Washington Grove Lane, The Gaithersburg West Master Plan, the Friend of the Court Brief filed by the Maryland Municipal League in reference to the Legacy Open Space condemnation lawsuit, the possibility of closing the current access to Roberts Oxygen & Asplundh and light pollution.
Marida Hines – thanked Hutch for his devotion to Maple Lake. She also thanked Tom Land, Sally Mansfield and Eric Selby. She mentioned the successful egg-oiling process and security problems at the lake. Marida thanked the Recreation Committee for all of their contributions to the Town as well.
Joe Clark – thanked the Historic Preservation Commission for the procurement and placement of the new historic marker in Morgan Park. He also urged residents to come to the HPC for early consultation when they were contemplating a renovation. Joe thanked Keith Gillis and Leigh Partington for their leadership with Neighborhood Watch and he mentioned security issues in Town. Also mentioned were the memorial trees in Wade Park for Susie Cox, in Woodward Park for Ed Mroczka’s parents and other methods for long-lasting tributes to loved ones.
Kathie Evans – mentioned that our current refuse contractor, Montgomery County Sanitation and Recycling, was awarded the contract for refuse collection for another three (3) years. Kathie also encouraged residents to use the Town website and thanked Bill Saar for his hard work. The McCathran Hall Needs Committee was thanked and Kathie pointed out the new blinds, the landscaping and the cable connection.

Mayor Anderson thanked Kathie for her contributions to the Council during the last three years.

John Compton’s Council Report was given by Darrell Anderson. He mentioned maintenance and protection of the soccer field and road repairs. A discussion about road repairs ensued.
Georgette Cole – thanked Maintenance Supervisor Jim Fletcher and Town Clerk Kathy Lehman for all of their help. She urged residents to report problems and make suggestions about road work to her or the Town Office. Graveling around The Circle and some avenues will happen before the end of this fiscal year. Georgette also thanked Audrey Maskery and Carol Uhlendorf for their work as co-chairs of the Forestry Committee. She presented a slide show of recent projects.

Town Woods Report

Chair Ann Briggs presented a slide show of recent work completed by the Woods Preservation Group. The projects noted were; ivy removal in the East & West woods, trash clean-up, reconfiguring the Cherry Avenue trail and the West woods outflow rebuild by Montgomery County. Ann also recognized non-resident Woods Group member John Bradfield.

Action on FY 2010 Budget and Tax Rates

After a discussion about the anticipated final balance, anticipated revenue, expenditures, road funds, the dwelling tax increase, legal funds, McCathran Hall electrical work and money well spent by the Recreation Committee, Ann Briggs moved to approve the budget. Carol Uhlendorf seconded the motion. Further discussions included; contingency plans for categories whose money was transferred to legal expenses, a Special Town Meeting concerning the Legacy Open Space legal budget, educational programs about Planning & Zoning, real property taxes and assessments. The question was called.
Vote: 52 for, 1 against.
Bob Evans moved to approve the tax rate. Carolyn Sanford seconded the motion. The tax rate was unanimously accepted.

Historic Preservation Commission Report

Chairman Bob Booher thanked the HPC members for their service. He mentioned the following; the new historical marker in Morgan Park, other possible places for a marker, the oral histories project, the new, small resource library in the Council Room, the house histories on the Town website, a partnership with the Woman’s Club, the permit review process and the benefits of early consultation. The Historic Preservation Award was presented to Margo Cavenagh & Mark Dubnick (125 Chestnut Ave.) for their thoughtful additions to the front and rear of their home.

Planning Commission Report

John McClelland thanked the members of the Planning Commission for their service. He also thanked those who worked on the Town Master Plan and specifically mentioned the extra efforts made by Charlie Challstrom. John then read a quote about the importance of volunteering and gave a big thank-you to Mayor Darrell Anderson for his willingness to serve.

New Business

David Neumann asked about the zoning of the East & West woods. He wants to know what we can do to be sure that our woods are preserved in perpetuity. Ann Briggs said that the woods are currently zoned as Forest Reserve and that re-zoning was an option. Steps have been taken to do this but the process should continue.

With no further new business the meeting was adjourned at 10:15 p.m.

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