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2018 Election Results.pdf

Chairman of the Board of Election Supervisors Meredith Horan reported the results of the Town election at the Annual Meeting on May 12, 2018.

198 ballots were cast, including 31 absentee ballots.

John Compton 106 votes
Joli McCathran 85 votes

Council: three-year terms, two to be elected
Charlie Challstrom 171 votes
Marida Hines 105 votes
Joan Mahaffey 85 votes

Council: two-year term
Rob Gilmore 179 votes

Council: one-year term
Darrell Anderson 104 votes
Craig English 90 votes


Gray Yachup 1 vote

Council: three-year terms
Marc Hansen 1 vote
Peggy Erickson 1 vote

Council: two-year term
Peggy Erickson 2 votes
Tom Land 1 vote

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