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Annual Town Election

You may vote early by absentee ballot or in-person in the Council Room from 4:00 – 7:00 pm on Saturday, May 13, 2023.  View the candidates’ statements | See the main Elections page.

Annual Town Meeting

How to Attend

The meeting begins at 8 pm this Saturday, May 13.  The meeting will be convened electronically by Zoom videoconferencing via the internet, or by dial-in, similar to meetings conducted in Town for several years.

Zoom Access Instructions (subject to change via Grove Alert):

You will first be placed in a Waiting Room.  A co-host will ask you to identify yourself and your Grove address and will confirm your voting status.  You will then be transferred into the meeting.

Everyone is encouraged to become familiar with the Zoom remote access software and use on smart devices, or with dial-in from a not-so-smart device/phone.  If in doubt about connecting, you may schedule a practice session (~10’-20’). Contact John Compton at [email protected] or 240- 432-5700.

Agenda and Other Materials

View the agenda and other materials for the meeting here.

Voting Procedures

Participants at the meeting will be qualified to vote if they are listed as registered to vote in Montgomery County. You may confirm your registered voter status here.  Prior to starting the meeting, the Board will verify the names of one or more qualified voters present for each connection.

The meeting will include voting on the annual Town budget, property tax rate, and dwelling tax assessment. Other votes are also possible on matters proposed at the Town Meeting.

The Board of Supervisors of Elections has considered how best to conduct a vote count when necessary. The following procedure, used in past virtual Annual Town Meetings, allows multiple voters to be present on the same connection to the meeting. This reduces the burden on residents and computer systems compared to a separate connection for each voter.

Note: only a visual connection will support voting by more than one qualified voter.

When a vote count is called for, one voter at each connected device will vote using the “raise hand” function. Hands will be counted, then lowered. Subsequent rounds of “hand raising” will be called for and will be counted, but only when a different voter is visible to the meeting.

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