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Ordinances Article VIII—Office of Mayor and Secretary

Section 1.   Purpose

There shall be an Office of the Mayor and the Secretary (hereafter known as the Office), located in a public building, accessible to the public on reasonable notice, for the exclusive use of the Mayor and the Secretary, and such other Town employees and officials as have necessary business therein.

Section 2.   Town Records

The Office shall be the repository of all Town records and archives, which shall be filed in a suitable way and properly indexed and reasonably available for public inspection.

2.1   Required Records

The Town archives and records to be stored therein shall include, but not be limited to, a statement of and map of the exact corporate limits of the Town, a journal of minutes of all Town Meetings, Council Meetings, and Planning Commission meetings, and of the meetings and hearings of all Boards of Appeal, a record of all current and past Ordinances as established by the Council, a current zoning map of the Town, and any other official records or documents which may from time to time be considered by the Council to have an historical interest.

2.2   Maintenance of Records

It shall be the duty of the Secretary to record the name and signature of any Town official or employee, or any County or State official, or any official of the Courts, who take any Town record or document from the Office in pursuit of necessary business therewith. Records may be kept by such persons for as long as needed to conduct official business, but are due and returnable when such business terminates. In particular, when an official’s term of office lapses, all records must be immediately returned.

Section 3.   Security

The Office and records therein kept are to be reasonably protected from fire, theft, weather, and vandalism insofar as the Council determines to be practical.

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