301-926-2256 [email protected]

Emergencies (e.g., downed trees, water main breaks, downed electric wires)

  • Issues that involve utility companies like a water main break or downed wires require contacting the utility company.
  • For other emergency issues contact:
    1. The Town Office.
    2. Committee/Commission having responsibility.
    3. The responsible Town Councilor (listed on the home page of the Town website).

Non-emergency Maintenance Issues

  • For general landscaping issues (e.g., missed mowing areas or signs blocked by foliage) contact the Town Office.
  • For other non-emergency maintenance issues not including mowing or landscaping, notify the appropriate Committee or Councilor in charge of that area. (See website for listings). For example, if it involves a tree, notify Forestry & Beautification. If it involves a guardrail or roadway, the Councilor in charge of roadways would be contacted.
  • For projects that require price estimates, consult the appropriate Committee Chair or the responsible Town Councilor.
  • Although we cannot cover every issue, residents can always contact the Town office.


Related:  See the November 2022 Guidance for Landscaping and Maintenance Task Requests

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