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by Patricia Patula, Town Archivist

The agenda for the Town Council meeting of October 15, 1964, is an interesting combination of formal, politically correct titles of topics, such as Minutes, Treasurer’s Report, Old Business, etc., with an informal, chatty style reflecting a closely knit group. Instead of a more predictable listing, such as “Report from the County Council on the Railroad Crossing,” the author of the agenda launches into this:

“County Council has directed B & O to construct both lights and gate at Aitchison Crossing. Should we send letter expressing our appreciation for this action and renew our request for actions on the bridge?”

And yes, while the minutes of that evening do not refer to the letter question at all, the archives do contain a letter dated October 21, 1964, from Mayor George A. Pughe, to President Wilson and Members of the County Council. In it, the Town expresses its appreciation for the County’s action “making certain that human life and property are safeguarded at Aitchison Crossing.”

And yes, the rest of that letter, which is three times as long as the first portion on the Crossing, goes into detail on the bridge, its hazardous nature, asking for an engineering study, offering cooperation, and hopes for funding.

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