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Lot and Block » Lots 11,11A, 12-14, p15 , Block 1
Name »
Built » 1930
Built by » Frank Rynex & William Crawford
Style » Dutch Colonial
Owner(s) » Gertrude M. Rynex & son, Frank Allen Rynex (liber 864 folio 196) Thomas W. & S. R. Appleby, 6-20-1986 (liber 7168 folio 50) Frank Rynex continued to reside here until his death c1997.
Remarks » House replaced earlier cottage owned by the Milans (see previous listing). Another cottage on current lot also demolished when present house built. See 128 Chestnut Avenue for more on Crawford. Frank Rynex (1904-1997) began constructing the house while he and his mother lived at 202 Chestnut. Bessie Coleman married Frank in 1946 and died 1986. Gertrude Rynex died in 1958. Frank hybridized a dahlia in early 1960s named Yellow Lass which was registered with the American Dahlia Society. He was an electrician and lighting technician in Hollywood CA in 1920-30s. He worked on films including Phantom of the Opera with Lon Chaney.
Sources » Frank Rynex oral history, 1987; Assessment records; 1946 tax list; Town records; County tax records. Charles Horan interview with Frank Rynex, 1991. Frank Rynex biographical sketch, 1994.

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