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15 December 2015 | Approved: 19 January 2016

Members Present: Bob Booher, Wendy Harris, David Stopak and Mimi Styles. Georgette Cole, Town Council Liaison, and Cynthia Werts, Town resident, were also present. Maggie Range (#8 The Circle) was present for the Review Session. The meeting was called to order at 7:35pm.

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was reviewed and approved with one addition.

Adoption of Minutes

The draft minutes of November 17, 2015, were reviewed with one modification. Mimi moved to adopt the minutes, as amended, seconded by Wendy. The motion carried unanimously.

Review Session

Maggie Range presented documentation with background information and photos of #8 Circle located in Block 11. She advised the HPC that she has demonstrated good faith and complied with the Town’s directives to demolish both ponds (located on Town land) so the public pathway from Miller Drive to Second Avenue is now clear. However, the issue with having to demolish the steps to the main entrance of her home (3-4 steps encroach on public land) has not been resolved. She has consulted with many people and she has explored different options. She came to the HPC meeting to request the support of the Commission for action by the Town to provide either a permanent easement or possible sale of the small patch of land (that the current steps encroach upon) to the owner of #8 The Circle. After an in-depth discussion with Maggie, the HPC advised her that the Commission was only in a position to give advice and recommendations on the type of construction and compatibility of the structure. In reviewing the Block 11 survey with Maggie, the HPC suggested other options for her to pursue in relocating the steps to another location on her property in order to comply with the directives set forth by the Planning Commission. She thanked the HPC for their time and advice.

Commission Handbook Materials

Wendy is in the process of preparing an updated HPC handbook. Based on existing handbooks (and input from Pat Patula), the following materials, along with the Town Charter, will be included:

  • Washington Grove’s HPC Ordinance
  • Town Roster
  • Town Maps
  • Annotated Code of Maryland, Land Use Article 66B, Section 8 (pertaining to historic preservation policy and historic preservation commissions)
  • WGHPC’s Rules of Procedure
  • List of the Historic District’s Contributing and Non-Contributing Structures
  • WGHPC’s Design Guidelines
  • Maryland Historic Preservation Commission’s Design Guidelines Wendy will send an email to everyone to see what materials are available in an electronic format. The new handbooks will be prepared for all Commission members, as well as a copy for the Town office.

HPC Records

Wendy presented a draft review of the HPC Records for discussion. The basic organization of records will be fine tuned in preparation for the State Archives Records Plan. The draft review details the following:

  • Official HPC Records (itemized in the records retention and disposal schedule)
  • HPC Reference Materials (miscellaneous books, booklets, reports, and leaflets – these materials to remain in the Town Hall for reference)

Pre-meeting with Christian Skipper/Job Description

Pat has recommended that the HPC talk with Mr. Skipper prior to the joint TC/PC/HPC meeting in January to discuss the HPC records retention and disposal schedule. Bob will send him a copy of the draft review, along with a job description for the Records Management Officer, to read through and advise the Commission if it is on the right track. Bob will invite him to the next HPC meeting to discuss these issues if Mr. Skipper feels it would be beneficial for everyone. Commission members will also prepare a list of questions and suggestions to send to Bob so he can compile the list for Mr. Skipper to address at the joint meeting.

Procedure Revisions

Dave reported that he had not completed the document with recommendations from the HPC for modifying the current Building Permit application procedure. He hopes to have the document ready to review at the next meeting.

HPC Checklist:

Mimi prepared a checklist for the HPC Formal Review of Building Plans. After review and discussion, a decision was made to have Mimi email the checklist to the Town Clerk so that the document can be included with the Building Permit Application package (this page will be attached to the HPC portion of the package).

Council Report

Georgette gave an overview of issues discussed at the TC meeting. She noted that the Council passed Ordinance 2015-06: ZTA Section 3.327 fences, and, Resolution 2015-08 Regulations for Rental of McCathran Hall.

PC Report

Dave attended the Planning Commission meeting in December. He gave an update on #8 The Circle noting that Maggie Range had demolished both of her ponds (that were located on Town land in the public pathway from Miller Drive to Second Ave) in compliance with the Town’s directives.

Bulletin Material

Mimi reported that the final installment on windows will be published in the January Town bulletin.
With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 10:25pm.

Minutes prepared and submitted by: Cynthia Werts

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