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17 May 2016 | Approved: 21 June 2016

Members Present: Bob Booher, Wendy Harris, Gail Littlefield, Dave Stopak and Mimi Styles. Cynthia Werts and Pat Patula, Town Archivist, were also in attendance. Ralph Hurst was present for the Review Session. The meeting was called to order at 7:35pm.

Approval of Agenda:

The agenda was reviewed and approved, as amended.

Adoption of Minutes:

The draft minutes from the meeting of April 19, 2016, were reviewed with one correction. Dave moved to adopt the minutes, as amended, seconded by Mimi. The motion carried unanimously.

Archives/Special Collections:

Pat reported that Marilynn Frey has reviewed the draft version of the Records Retention and Disposal Schedule with all parties represented in the Plan. Marilynn has been appointed the Records Management Officer to oversee this project. She has now completed the revisions of the Draft Plan and it will be presented to the Town Council at their meeting in June for approval. Once the plan has been approved and signed by the Mayor, it will then be sent to the State. The State Archives only wants official Town government documents, however, a list of special collections will be given to the State for discussion. There is still concern as to whether some of the HPC records will be categorized as special collections or state archives. Pat and Gail will meet with Marilynn again to address and clarify these issues before the plan is presented to the TC next month.

Annual Report:

Pat reviewed the 2015 Annual Report, Archives Project, which she prepared in February 2016. Discussion on issues outlined in the report included:

  • Collection Care – archives storage area
  • Records Management Plan
  • Website
  • PastPerfect Program
  • Oral Histories

Project Reviews:

Ralph Hurst, architect representing John & Sheila Compton at 202 Ridge Road, submitted a building permit, including plans and detailed drawings, for a two-level deck on the rear of the Compton’s residence (a non-contributing structure). In reviewing the plans with the HPC, Ralph noted that the upper level deck will be flush with the first floor, with cascading steps leading to a lower level deck close to grade which will incorporate a patio and raised garden area. A trellised gazebo is also being considered in the plans.
The Commission agreed that the overall design will enhance and add interest to the back of the home, which faces Cherry Avenue. The HPC will prepare and submit their review to the Planning Commission accordingly.

Permit Reviews/Procedure Revisions:

This issue will be temporarily removed from the meeting agenda. Dave is currently committed to the Vacant Properties Work Group and he noted that he will go back to working on this project once the Vacant Properties task force is dissolved.

Planning Commission Report:

Wendy represented the HPC at the recent meeting. She gave a brief overview of issues discussed. There was nothing on the May agenda that pertained to the HPC.

Bulletin Material:

Wendy reported that she and Pat Patula are working on a series of articles to be featured in upcoming Town bulletins about Washington Grove’s early history. Three articles in the series, which are based on information from articles that appeared in the Washington Post dating to the late 1800s and early 1900s, are set to go. An introduction to the series will precede these articles.

Vacant Properties:

Dave reported that the task force is continuing to work on issues involving vacant homes. There has also been a lot of discussion about the number of occupied homes in Town that are in very poor condition, as well, as a result of neglect. The work group is scheduled to take a tour on Sunday, May 27th, to physically observe homes with issues. Much information has been documented thus far, and, the committee is in the process of preparing a report for the Town Council’s review.

Clare Kelly Presentation:

It was decided to delay the lecture until late September or early October to allow more time to prepare for the presentation. Wendy will contact the Town Clerk to see what dates are available for use of the Town Hall. The first choice will be Friday, October 7th, with a back-up date of Friday, September 30th. She will also contact Clare to coordinate a date. Once a confirmed date has been established between both parties, an announcement will appear in the August and September Town bulletins.

New Business/Design Guidelines:

Bob distributed copies of the current Town of Washington Grove Historic Preservation Commission Design Guidelines for Exterior Changes (adopted March 15, 2005) for Commission members to read and make notes of improvements. Bob has collected various guidelines from other communities, as well, which will be helpful in updating our criteria. Discussion on this issue will begin at the next monthly meeting.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm.

Minutes prepared and submitted by:
Cynthia Werts

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