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8 April 2003 | Approved: 20 May 2003

Acting Chair: David Neumann (first part of meeting); Chair: Bob Booher (second half of meeting); Commissioners: Larry French, Chris Kirtz, Clare Cavicchi

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved and adopted. Larry made the motion and Chris seconded it. Meeting minutes taken by Clare Cavicchi

The HPC review the list of contributing resources in the historic district. The final statement of contributing structures should state that the list has been changed from the list included with the 1979 National Register form. The revised list reflects additional research, changes in physical condition of structures, and amended criteria. The definition of contributing resources includes architectural style that typifies Grove houses. Clare will continue working to refine the list of contributing structures.

The Montgomery Preservation Inc award ceremony will take place on Wed, May 21 at 6:30-8:30 pm at the Silver Spring Train Station. David Neumann’s Maude Nuttall House has been nominated for an award.

Review of Plans:

Nick Suzich of 122 Chestnut Avenue presented plans for a second level bathroom expansion. The house is a 1959 Non-Contributing brick Cape Cod. The project will expand an existing dormer on the rear slope of the roof.

(Bob arrived) Review of contributing structures list was made for Bob. The HPC discussed the next step of identifying Outstanding Resources in the historic district. The definition of outstanding includes those structures that have excellent integrity (such as Allen Janus’ house on the Circle), that have great architectural detail (Maude Nuttall House) or have a high level of historical significance.

410 Oak Street, Carl Frank’s house
Contributing Resource: 1940 Cape Cod
The house is an excellent example of Colonial Revival architecture with its steep roof, high level of architectural detail, and frame construction. Proposal was to construct a 24 x 35 carport that’s 22 ft high. HPC found the scale of the structure to be too large in scale and massing compared to the house, and lacking in architectural detail. Bob noted problems in construction drawings related to the upper floor.

8 the Circle, Maggie Range
Contributing resource, Carpenter Gothic cottage
Current rear addition on fire damaged house will probably have to be demolished. A new addition will be proposed that will expand the footprint on the back room section. Maggie will submit plans and elevations in the future.

Chris Kirtz, Center Street house
Contributing resource, Carpenter Gothic cottage
Proposed deck extension on second level of garage. Porch expansion proposed on walkway side.

346 Ridge Road
Subdivision of 1 acre lot. Flag lot to be created behind non-contributing house

Review of Draft Descriptor
Have guidelines and application material list available for potential applicants. The HPC discussed the merits of an informal contact person, concern about ex parte communication. HPC decided to include a one page list of guidelines to be added to the final draft of descriptor to be done by Larry.

Discussion of criteria for expediting projects
A preliminary consultation is seen as an informal review based on a sketch or concept. In contrast, expedited review is based on more detailed drawings (yet ones not developed to final stage). The prelim consultation is done before the formal building permit application. If the preliminary consultation material has been developed enough, it is possible for a project to have expedited review.

Chris made a motion to have Bud O’Connor require applicants to submit two sets of plans so that the HPC can have its own set to review and mark up. Bob seconded the motion. It was passed unanimously.

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