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20 April 2004 | Approved: 18 May 2004

HPC members present: Bob Booher, Chair, Chris Kirtz, Ed Mroczka, Bruce Rothrock, and David Neumann.

Public Work Session

The April 20, 2004 meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission began at 7:30 p.m. The agenda was approved. The Chair asked David Neumann to take minutes.

Tour of the Town Archives:
Missy Yachup gave a brief history of the Town archives and a tour of the papers and documents under storage in the Town Hall Records Archive. The archives used to be kept in a safe and they are now largely sorted and in well labeled boxes. Sheila Joiner worked for the Town recently and began the project working a few hours a week. Missy Yachup has now taken on the job. The priority is the Town financial records. The flat files are completed – i.e., are documented. There is now a list of all the documents in the flat file drawers, a possible exception is the very large old materials. Plans are to use a software package called “PostPerfect” to index and categorize the materials. Later images may be scanned in to the Town computer and added to the computer database with the indices. The priority will be to enter and computerize the large and oldest documents. At a later date materials stored in peoples’ homes will be brought back (some went to peoples’ homes during the renovation of McCathran Hall. Some questions were asked as to whether some records went to State Archives at the time of the renovation, and to whose homes did material go during the renovation? Is there a list of people who have records stored in their homes?

It was resolved that the Chair would ask via either a letter, a note in the Bulletin, and/or via a question at the Town meeting whether people had any records at their homes. A short list of people to ask was: Allan Winter, Ann Briggs, Carolyn Luxford, Carol Uhlendorf, and Phil Edwards.

Missy gave a tour of the labeled boxes in the room to the rear of the Office of the Clerk.

The policy of copying documents was discussed. The suggestion was made that the archive for the City of Gaithersburg be called to request a copy of their rules. Also suggested was the posting of the rules on the Town Web pages.

A motion was made that the Mayor of Washington Grove should hire an archivist. Neumann made the motion. It was seconded by Rothrock and carried unanimously. Based on its authority under the HPC Ordinance the HPC designated Missy Yachup as the Town Archivist.

It was suggested that the second computer be placed in the meeting room. Missy stated that that was already being planned.

Public Review Session

  1. Preliminary review for Carolyn Luxford for the full replacement of her existing home with a prefabricated structure. Her house is at 115 Chestnut Avenue. It is a contributing structure. The new structure would be 48 feet wide, and therefore, in view of the lot’s dimensions, an exception would have to be made. The existing building is from 1895. Ed Mroczka made suggestions as to how some portions of the old building could be preserved.
  2. Shelly Winkler brought her plans for a screened porch planned for the rear of her house. North side toward the open field. These plans had already been rejected by the Planning Commission. Her plans were discussed. Various ideas were suggested. There was no preliminary review as the PC had rejected the plan already. Bruce Rothrock moved that a letter be written to the board of zoning appeals outlining the HPC opinion that an exception be made. Ed Mroczka seconded. The motion passed unanimously.
  3. Brenda and Dave Gumula revised plans were discussed. These are now final construction plans. As they did not differ except in the height of the structure, the previously written preliminary review was left as is and accepted by the members.
  4. A plan for construction of a shed at 205 Washington Grove Lane was discussed. There was no statement about materials and no drawings. The building at that location is non-contributing. Ed M. said he would call the applicant for details.
  5. David Bent submitted plans for the construction of a shed on the southeast corner of his lot on the Sixth Avenue side. The address is 407 5th Avenue. The plans were submitted 3/25. The home is contributing, ca. 1893. The ancient boxwood bushes nearby are from the Tydings estate.
  6. Finally, Koniz/Booher presented revised plans for their renovation of their home. The result of our discussion will be a review written by Ed Mroczka.

Public Work Session (Continued)

The minutes of the previous meeting were discussed and approved.

The review process was discussed. The question was discussed whether final construction plans should be submitted when an applicant submits an application to the HPC and Planning commission. It was still felt that the plans submitted to the County should be the plans submitted to the Town.

Next Meeting:
The Commission examined the calendar. The next regular meeting will be held on May 18, 2004 at 7:30 pm. The chair moved that we adjourn.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 p.m.

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