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21 April 2015 | Approved: 19 May 2015

Members Present: Bob Booher, Wendy Harris, Mimi Styles and David Stopak. Town residents, Shelly Winkler and Cynthia Werts, were also in attendance. The meeting was called to order at 7:40 PM.

Approval of Agenda

The order of items (3.5, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11) to be discussed under Old Business was changed by request. The agenda was then approved and adopted, as amended.

Adoption of Minutes

The draft minutes of March 17, 2015, were reviewed and corrected. Mimi moved to adopt the minutes, as amended, seconded by Wendy. The motion carried unanimously.

Project Review Session: Mini Library

Shelly Winkler submitted an application for Public Ways and Property Permit for a “Little Free Library”. The proposed structure is to be a Town amenity located on Town property at the northeast corner of the intersection of Brown Street and Ridge Road. Shelly stated that she will pay to have the structure built, and, that a Town committee will be established to maintain it.

After review and discussion of the proposal, all members of the HPC were in favor of endorsing the request as submitted, noting that the Little Free Library would have a “good sense of place” in Town.

Old Business

Windows at 417 4th Avenue

Wendy and Mimi reported that they picked up and delivered the old windows to Community Forklift. A discussion followed about submitting an insertion in the next Town bulletin to further educate homeowners on the value of retaining original windows on contributing structures within the Town. Mimi will also contact Mayor McCathran to see if the names of new homeowners (who purchase homes that are contributing structures) can be provided to the HPC so that the committee can present a welcome packet to the new owner with historic preservation resources and archival information of their home.

Annual Preservation Award

The committee reviewed and discussed the list of properties for consideration of the 2015 WG Preservation Award. A decision was made to vote on two properties:

  • 404 Grove Avenue (Ryan Young & Emily Brown) – Addition w/screened porch
  • 122 Chestnut Avenue (Nick & JoAnn Suzich) – Addition w/ (2) porches

The results of the vote were as follows:

  • 3 votes for 122 Chestnut Avenue (Suzich)
  • 1 vote for 404 Grove Avenue (Young/Brown)

The 2015 award will be presented to Nick & JoAnn Suzich at the annual Town meeting in May.

MHT – Preservation Tax Credits

Mimi reported that she contacted Melissa Archer, Preservation Officer for the MD Historic Trust. She has agreed to hold an evening public presentation to discuss the benefits and advantages of MHT tax credits. A date was chosen for Wednesday, June 10th, and a notice will be put in the next Town bulletin to make residents aware of the upcoming meeting. Bob will make an announcement at the annual Town meeting, as well.

Permit Reviews

The HPC is still disconcerted by the building permit rules approved by the PC in February. Currently, residents are still encouraged to present their plans to the HPC first for review, however, the review is not required to be presented with the building permit application. The HPC will, therefore, prepare a written rationale for following through with the change in this process and present it to the Town Council for further discussion.
Article IV Section: Discussion on this topic will be postponed until a later date.

Council Report

TC Liaison, Georgette Cole, was not present at the meeting, however, she submitted her Council report to the HPC via e-mail. It was noted that both Bob and David were present at the meeting to express their concerns about the wording in Ordinance 2015-03. A request was made to postpone the vote so that the HPC could come back to the June Council meeting with new language.

The Zoning Text Amendment 2015-01 was also discussed, and, a few changes were made before being passed.

PC Report

Bob updated the HPC on issues discussed at the April meeting. A status report was given on the development of the Harrison property subdivision, with a suggestion from the HPC to include a “walking path” between the proposed properties.

Bulletin Material

The next Town bulletin will include a segment on windows to further educate residents on the value and integrity of using old windows.

Enabling Ordinance

The committee discussed several changes that David submitted pertaining to the proposed language in the application review and content of agreement of Ordinance 2015-03. It was agreed that David will modify the draft version and the committee will review these changes and act on the issue at the May meeting.

Annual Budget

It was noted that the additions (requested by the HPC) were submitted to the TC for review. At this time, it is unknown if any of the additions were approved and added to the FY2016 budget.


A subgroup has been established to review and decide on what items need to be addressed pertaining to Town archives projects. The subgoup will meet to discuss these issues before Wendy goes out of town in June.

It was decided that the HPC will not establish a subgroup to review Camp Meeting minutes.

Past Minutes

Gail was not present to update the committee on this issue. The issued will be tabled until the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:33 p.m.

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