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16 April 2019 | Approved: 21 May 2019

Members Present: Bob Booher, Robyn Renas, David Stopak, Mimi Styles, Darrell Andersen – TC Liaison
Attendees: Bud O’Conner 409 5th Avenue, Collin Turner
Members Absent: Wendy Harris, Gail Littlefield

Approval of Agenda:

The agenda was reviewed and modified to: Add MSA tour to New Business; Delete Guidelines; Move Old Business 409 5th Avenue Exhibit C Draft to first item; Modified agenda approved

Adoption of Minutes:

Meeting Minutes dated March 19, 2019 were reviewed, modified and approved.
Robyn to forward Adopted Meeting Minutes to Town Office

Review Session:

Collin Turner – 405 Brown Street
* Owner in attendance to present New Construction Project
* Owner proposes to remove existing detached two car Garage/Storage structure located at rear yard adjacent to Maple Road and construct 1½ story detached two car Garage with Shop and Storage areas
* Review of project by HPC finds proposed plan, elevations and details complementary to existing residence and of appropriate proportions. Mimi will write formal HPC review for the record
* Owner to submit application to Planning Commission next

Old Business:

409 5th Avenue Exhibit C Draft
* Bob presented Draft prepared by Gail for Owner’s review
* The following was discussed:
a. Schedule of historic integrity features to include Porch/Porch details
b. Owner disagrees that part of residence façade is on Town property and states that no portion of residence façade is on Town property. Owner agrees that Porch is on Town property
c. Owner highlighted that some detail memorial descriptions of Porch may be too detailed and that future Porch repair/construction may not follow exact roof or ceiling joist placement memorialized in Exhibit description
d. Bud O’Conner will propose edits to Exhibit C Draft and return to HPC in time for the May meeting with the goal of moving forward with Town review as soon as TC is completed with approval of 315 Grove Avenue

Updating and Expanding the 1980 National Register of Historic Places Historic District Nomination progress report by Bob
* Bob directed Robinson and Associates to include expanded Town Boundary to include residences across Washington Grove Lane and properties across Oakmont Avenue from Marc Train Station
* Daria at Robinson and Associates has all of the HPC edits
* The NR has not been submitted to the MHT yet. Mr. Kurtz of MHT and Daria have been in contact in advance of submitting to the MHT
* HPC will present National Registry project to the Town at the May 11th Annual Meeting Master Plan 2019 report by Bob
* Upcoming Planning Commission Work Sessions planned for April 17th and May 15th
* HPC to look at Section 5 Recreation and Parks and Section 6 Environmental Concerns followed by Section 8 Commercial Corner and Section 9 Development and Preservation where HPC has primary edit responsibility

Bulletin Material – Mimi
* Include promotion of presenting first look at Updating and Expanding the 1980 National Register of Historic Places Historic District Nomination at the May 11th Annual Town Meeting

Planning Commission Report – Robyn forgot to attend PC meeting /no report

Town Council Report – Review of report submitted by Darrell

New Business:

Annual HPC Award – unanimous vote for 107 Grove Avenue (Judy and Ed Mroczka)

Maryland State Archives (MSA) Tour report by Mimi
* MSA and Interns would like to attend tour of Washington Grove where we would be the tour guides. Tour would be similar to 2018 Tour and can be scheduled at the end of June

Adjournment at 9:30pm

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