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21 August 2018 | Approved: 23 October 2018

Members Present: Bob Booher, Gail Littlefield and Mimi Styles were present, as well as resident Robyn Renas. The meeting began at 7:30 pm.

Approval of Agenda:

The agenda was reviewed and approved, as amended.

Adoption of Minutes.

Adoption of the minutes of July’s meeting was deferred.

Review Session.

The members discussed the Application for Sale of Property submitted by Jane Seegal for her home at 315 Grove Rd., and the draft ordinance created by Charlie Challstrom. The draft incorporates the measured drawing of relevant facades by Bob Booher. These are adequate to identify the dimensions of the parts of the house on public property. A description of the materials and finishes of the parts of the house on town property needs to be added. Charlie apparently left space in part C of the draft for preservation covenants and other provisions proposed by the HPC. Regarding “whether public ownership of the property serves a public purpose?, it appears that since there has always been a private porch over the “public right of way” in question, that there would be no public purpose in public ownership of it. The HPC has been asked for its recommendations on the draft. The Planning Commission has already submitted theirs. The Town Council will decide on the final document.

HPC should make recommendations on how repairs/demolition to the porch will be handled. HPC should draft and submit covenants for part C. It was agreed that not all repairs should require a building permit. Creating a definition of “ordinance repair” that does not impact historic integrity was discussed.

Master Plan.

Gail’s proposed language for insertion in the 2009 plan sections was discussed. The word special in front of consideration should be eliminated. Gail and Bob will meet to draft HPC insertions into the working Master Plan that Charlie has placed on a Google drive.

National Register update status.

Phase I is done and paid. Next step is consultation with Maryland Historical Trust.

Bulletin material.

Mimi will write something on street sign restoration progress.

MAHDC tour.

Mimi is working with Clare Kelly, who will conduct the tour, and Leslie with MAHDC. Mimi will continue to work with them on details, including participation of town residents.

Town Council report.

Darrell Anderson reported on several ZTA ordinances of interest adopted by the Council. One, # 2018-04, deals with changes to fences, carports, and accessory buildings. It distinguishes between repair and ordinary repair vis a vis the requirement for a building permit. However, HPC did not have an opportunity to comment on these definitions prior to enactment. Bob will call Peter Nagrod for clarification on the new building permit practice. Bob will also talk to John Compton regarding the definitions of repairs. Mimi asked about the provisions for carports.

Darrell also reported that an ordinance would be drafted as result of the accessory unit at 107 Pine Ave, the former Miller residence. The new owner added a second kitchen and new bathrooms to the house in spite of a cease and desist order delivered by Joli.

Darrell Anderson is heading up a street light committee to look into replacement/maintenance options. HPC should be involved.
The Council approved an emergency generator for town hall. HPC should review the plans for the enclosure regarding impact to contributing resources. MHT will be reviewing the project for easement compliance.

Ed Roberts’ House.

Darrell reported that as executor of Ed’s estate, he has had three parties interested in purchasing it. An open house and yard/house sale was scheduled for August 25th. Bob offered to meet with any prospective buyers about ways to renovate the structure to preserve its integrity and neighborhood compatibility.

Minutes prepared and submitted by:
Gail Littlefield

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