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25 February 2003 | Approved: 18 March 2003

Present: Bob Booher, Larry French, Clare Cavicchi, Chris Kirtz, and David Neumann

The HPC work session began at 7:00 p.m. on Tues, Feb. 25. David Neumann took minutes. Clare Cavicchi passed out copies of the Historic Preservation Guidelines used by the Montgomery County Historic Preservation Commission to assist in the implementation of the historic designation of the Takoma Park. The question was asked to whom our HPC should send copies of the completed reviews, e.g. the Mayor, the Planning Commission, etc. The agenda was modified and it was decided that the definition of “contributing structures” was needed before we could finalize the amended list of contributing structures.

Clare Cavicchi raised the question whether the minutes should be approved at the meetings or whether they should be approved by e-mail vote. (It was agreed that they should be approved by a voice vote at the meetings.

We discussed in considerable detail a new draft of the Rules of Procedure for the HPC. David Neumann noted the requested changes and agreed to do another draft of the document.

The public review session began at 8:00 p.m.
The first item discussed was the application to remodel the residence at 207 Grove Avenue. This project had been previously reviewed by the HPC and by the Planning Commission. The applicant had made changes to the plans. The Planning Commission had approved the revised plans. The HPC had not reviewed the revisions. The question was raised whether when an applicant changes the plans the HPC should again review the changes and advise the Planning Commission before the PC approves the new plan. It was agreed that the Chair of the HPC should request the PC to send revised plans to the HPC for review before it signs off on the changes. Again, it was emphasized that applicants should come in early to the HPC and discuss their plans or changes in their plans to expedite the process. In the future, it is hoped that the PC will contact the HPC by e-mail or phone to discuss changes in plans. Some changes, such as those made in this case may have a noticeable effect on the exterior of a historic structure.

The second item was a presentation by Ms. Maggie Range of her plans to rescue or rehab the burned out structure that she has purchased at No. 8 on the Circle. There was considerable discussion of her plans and the Chair explained the function and ideas of the HPC to Ms. Range. The HPC offered to assist Ms. Range with background information on the cottage in the event she applied to the Maryland Historic Trust for Heritage Tax Credits. The offer was extended to assist also with Part II of the application.

The third item of discussion was the preliminary plans for remodeling the residence of Bruce D. Rothrock and Judith A. Banachowski located at 407 Acorn Lane. (Lots 20 & 21 Part of Lot 22, block 12 and various adjacent parcels). The HPC was not certain whether this application had or had not yet been sent to the HPC for review by the PC. The HPC expected the architect to present the preliminary plans to the HPC. As the HPC was unsure of the status of the application and thought that there was to be a personal presentation, the application was postponed until the next meeting.

Bob Booher presented a preliminary plan for the staged remodelling of his residence at 111 Maple Avenue. He showed the HPC photographs of the original residence taken over the last century illustrating the many changes that have already taken place. He presented his plans for the remodeling of the house in the form of a 3-dimensional model which was of great assistance in understanding the previous modifications which we had seen in the photos, as well as the new plans. The early presentation to the HPC provides the members the opportunity and time to view the existing residence before final building plans are submitted for approval to the Town and County. The general view of the members present (the Chair having recused himself) was that the plans were generally in keeping with the neighboring structures and that the modifications especially the large and usable porch would reflect the tone and style of that area of the Town and would not diminish the building’s architectural and historic significance to the Town.

Chris Kirtz presented the HPC with a compact disc of photos of some of the contributing structures in Town. Those were primarily addresses marked as needing some sort of further review on the list of contributing structures.

We briefly discussed the Application Handout Descriptor.

Next meeting is planned for Tues March 18, 2003.

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